Aurora library shelving systems can be seen in many libraries, schools, and universities across the country. Whether you’re looking for hardy steel shelving to care for your books, aging archives, or misc items such as CDs, magazines, or games, we have a solution for what you need.

Aurora storage offers two types of library shelving systems

One is the Quik-Lok® design. It is unique in that the inner walls are constructed so that allows for easy access to even tightly packed books at the end of a row. These systems are easy to assemble and disassemble cutting average assembly costs and time by 30% streamlining your installation process. Most types of Quik-Lok shelving are also able to be added to a mobile shelving system to increase your storage space efficiency.

The second type of library shelving system Aurora offers is the recently acquired MJ Library Shelving by Aurora. MJ Library shelving is flexible, easy to assemble, can be constructed with a closed base or open base to reduce clutter and produce a more streamlined look. In the MJ System 30 line, a single slot design with flat brackets allows for increased storage. With a narrow footprint, MJ System 30 Library Shelving can create wider aisles for ADA accommodation, or save valuable floor space for other uses.