At Aurora Storage®, we understand that historical artifacts require the utmost care. Select a menu icon below to explore our museum storage cabinets and cabinet accessories.

museum storage cabinet accessories

Drawers with Full Extension Slides

Easy storage. Easier access. Our drawers boast a full range of motion to ensure efficiency and security.

museum storage cabinets

Full Width Adjustable Shelves

Rest easy knowing you can adjust shelving however you like. Rest even easier knowing all our museum shelving systems are finished in a non-volatile powder coating.

museum storage cabinet accessories

Full Width Pullout Shelves

Collections can be vast: this ensures you have the easily accessible space to store them.

storage cabinets

Pullout Work Surface

Perfect for those real-time work sessions spent cataloging or handling items.

storage cabinet accesories

Rolled Textile Drawer

Textiles can consume a lot of space when unfurled, so we devised this space-saving solution.

museum storage cabinets

Vertical Art Divider

Easily store multiple works with a system that’s safe and secure, with no catchpoints to harm the art.

museum storage cabinet accessory

Cabinet Bracket

At Aurora Storage, we protect what’s precious, providing security for priceless artifacts. This cabinet bracket further secures that security.