Custom Office & Legal Storage

Every business is unique. Every office is different.
Customize your Times-2 cabinet to accommodate any arrangement. Whatever your floor plan, whatever your needs, we have a storage solution.

Standard SizesTiersHeights

*Plus size units increase slightly in height for applications outside the range of a regular unit

Styles and Sizes


Times-2 Speed Files are completely customizable to fit your space – your way. Whatever your business, whatever your need, there’s a versatile accessory available.

When you demand maximum work space efficiency, check out the options Times-2 offers to create a tailor-made solution for you.

Times-2 Interconnect

Interconnect units in varying heights to make an efficient use of your unique space. Go under and around windows or wall mounted building controls.

Create a workstation for printers and fax machines by connecting 2 short to 2 tall units.

Preconfigured Units

Can’t decide how to configure your Times-2?
We take the guess work out of deciding.

  • FN Units have Rollout Hanging Folder Frames and at 6-Tier through 8-Tier heights also have 1-3 shelves per side.
  • RN Units have Rollout Drawers with Hanging Folder Frames at 6-Tier through 8-Tier heights also have 1-3 shelves per side.
  • Standard units are configured with Adjustable Reversible Shelves which are commonly used for a variety of files, especially side/end tab folders and medical/dental records.

Times-2 Step-Up, Step Down

The exclusive Step-Up, Step-Down* System is designed for the office that needs compact multimedia storage and work space all in one.

The two center units feature a task area with countertop that is great for printers, fax machines, copiers, phones, mail meters and more.

Be Creative, Use Step-Up Step-Down:

  • Under low windows to use wasted space
  • Between workstations for shared storage
  • Under thermostats or wall-mounted controls
  • Conference rooms with drop screens or smart boards
  • Executive suites for storage and credenza use
  • Dental or health care offices for filing and copying
  • Mail rooms
  • Common work areas
  • Hall station environments along partition walls

Times-2 Elite

Comfortable in your space, confident in the corner office, or compatible with the conference room, Times-2 Elite makes a bold design statement with elegant faceted lines.

Color Options

Time-2 Elite can be ordered in 29 beautiful colors in our eco-friendly Gloss-Tek powder coat. See our COLOR SELECTOR.

Canopy Top Options

Although Times-2 Elite comes standard with a metal canopy top, three additional options can add elegance to your space:

  • Wood-Tek: hand-finished, furniture quality top that comes in 4 elegant stains and 2 species of wood. This exclusive line can also be color matched to your existing office suite.
  • Granite: Choose from a selection of four beautiful engineered granite top to complement your decor.
  • Green Composites: Top Times-2 Elite with a canopy that fuses transparent tempered glass with recycled glass and semi-precious fragments. Available in subtle or vibrant tones.
Door and End Panels Options

Time-2 Elite can be ordered in 29 beautiful colors in our eco-friendly Gloss-Tek powder coat. See our COLOR SELECTOR.

  • Wood-Tek: Customize your Times-2 Elite Doors and End Panels with elegant Wood-Tek.
  • Fabric: Enhance Times-2 Elite End Panels and Door Panels with luxurious commercial fabrics in a wide array of textures and colors to match your office setting.

Times-2, 2-Tier Unit

At only 29.5”, the 2-Tier Times-2 goes where no ordinary cabinet can go.

  • Beneath low windows to maximize wasted space.
  • By work stations for personal storage.
  • Between work stations for shared filing and storage.
  • Under printers, fax machines or desktop copiers when combined with a countertop.
  • In tandem with other height Times-2 units to shape individual space.

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