Meeting the Needs of Many Markets

Our Quik-Lok® Shelving can be adapted to fit a wide range of applications. It has been successfully installed in schools and libraries, and healthcare facilities such as clinics and hospitals. What makes it so appealing is the ease of assembly. No tools are needed to assemble or disassemble the shelving. Putting it together requires only positioning the uprights, adding shelf supports and shelves building the assembly from the bottom up.

At Aurora, we know how important it is for schools to have well-organized, efficient, accessible storage. School library shelving is essential for students to have access to reading materials. No library can be effective if people can’t find what they’re looking for, but our school shelving solutions help in this area, and more.

Our products can help you organize:

We can customize stationary or mobile shelving storage to make the most out of limited space. Thanks to our perfected mobile design, it is possible to install a compact mobile library system in the tightest of rooms, while maximizing accessibility and security. Even if there are fire sprinklers or other intruding overhead mechanical equipment in an offsite storage area, we can install a mobile system with low-profile carriages that actually gain more vertical storage space to serve your needs. Then again, you may need just a few cabinets for faculty storage; we can help with that just as well.

In healthcare, the need for efficient, secure storage is no more important than anywhere else. Our medical storage shelves and solutions can be tailored for nurse’s stations, surgical suites, and pharmacies. Purchasing and administrative departments, and storage facilities for medical records and x-rays have special requirements we can easily meet. We’re also equipped to provide the ideal solutions for ICUs, radiology and oncology departments, and cafeteria and food service operations.

Whether clients need to safeguard laptops or surgical instruments, Aurora can provide storage units with electronically controlled locks and easy-to-operate swing and tambour doors.

Storage Strong and Secure Enough for the Most Demanding Applications

Shelving Products are available in many styles, but Quik-Lok® (offered in open or closed back options) is among the most versatile we offer. Our customers benefit from the various features and options, which include:

  • An assortment of sizes: Shelving is available in widths from 24 to 48 inches, heights from 40¼ to 121¼ inches, and depths from 9 to 36 inches. Also, custom shelving is available in ½ inch width increments and height increments of 1½ inches.
  • Security options: We can retrofit divided drawers, filing drawers, Quick-Doors, Quick-Rolls, retractable doors, and sliding doors into your storage and shelving solution.

Accessories: Bin dividers, sloped shelves, magazine doors, media shelves, reference shelves, hanging racks, and browser boxes are available to optimize the storage space. In addition, we offer library carts and periodical display shelves to maximize the efficiency of your facility.

Our Quik-Lok commercial storage shelves are not limited to the size of your available space or even education or healthcare customers. Aurora products are used in a wide range of industries. Secure and space-efficient shelving has been used in the law enforcement and criminal justice system. We’ve installed solutions suited for protected crime and evidence storage, and for storing departmental equipment, gear, and supplies.

We have also been the supplier of choice for the U.S. military and government. Storage solutions supplied by Aurora are effective for organizing and keeping safe uniforms, body armor, reports, helmets, gear, parachutes, janitorial supplies, and workroom tools, among many other items. This is a testament to how rugged and dependable our products are and how customers in any industry can rely on these shelving products to keep valuable items organized and secure.

The storage solutions we offer also serve an array of business applications. They’re used by clients in financial, insurance, retail, legal, publishing, automotive, IT, manufacturing, and R&D markets that need business shelving. Service organizations from hotels and restaurants to funeral homes, parks and recreation departments, and veterinary centers have benefited from Aurora filing and storage solutions as well.

We have also been called on to meet the unique requirements of industrial customers. Storage of parts and supplies, process documentation, repair manuals, work orders, and more requires solutions that allow efficient storage and retrieval. Warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturers have solutions for storing important documents to keeping all the nuts and bolts organized.

Our Quik-Lok design requires little effort to put together, and it doesn’t add the complexities of screws, bolts, or clips for assembly. From school library shelving to industrial, medical, and business shelving, we can support projects of any size, thanks to a wide range of standard choices and custom options.

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