Choosing the Right System

When picking out the proper storage unit or system for your office, it is important to decide on what will suit your needs in the best way. Aurora Storage offers several options that will fit whatever requirements you may have. From medical storage to filing, from size to aesthetic, finding the right unit to suit your needs will be a breeze with these products.

It is important to ask yourself some general questions, such as, “What am I storing?” or “How much storage capacity do I need?” Also, take into consideration how often you need to access stored materials or where you are placing the system is important. If the look of your shelving matters, that is a crucial factor, as is adding safety features.

Aurora Storage offers multiple types of storage products such as Quik-Lok Shelving, which can also be turned in mobile shelving, wire shelving, and more. The Wood-Tek line is a great high-end look for legal and corporate libraries, books, heavy media, and more. On the other hand, the Times-2 rotary system is great for files, office supplies, and personal items, as it features a dual-sided storage cabinet.

After factoring in what supplies you are storing and how much space you will have for your new storage shelving, you will want to take a look at the below infographic to understand the different types of units Aurora Storage has to offer. As always, we have a Design Support team to help you make the right choice for your storage needs, or Call Toll-Free: 800-277-1699.