5 Benefits to Wire Shelving for Hospital Storage

Wire shelving is capable of providing multi-purpose storage in the medical atmosphere.

5 benefits to wire shelving for hospital storage

Hospital storage is varied, with a range of
functionality requirements. Amidst the need to store a plethora of items, organization
and cleanliness are crucial. Hospitals searching for the ideal storage solution
need look no further than a simple, versatile, sleek, clean, multi-purpose storage
system: wire shelving.

Wire shelving is capable of providing multi-purpose
storage in the medical atmosphere. In the content below, the benefits of wire
shelving for hospital storage are discussed in depth, allowing medical
providers to choose the proper system for their staff.

Diverse Configuration Capabilities

In and of itself, wire
is built with basic construction methods. Shelves are
constructed of steel beams with incremental positional markings and sturdy
horizontal shelves. Each shelf is fortified with a strong mesh pattern and
support wires. Due to the simple construction, wire shelves can be constructed
according to the requirements of the storage room, medical office, etc. in
diverse ways. If chosen, wheels or castors may be implemented to enhance
mobility, and plastic bins may play a role in organization. Regardless of the
specific storage need, wire shelving allows for diverse configuration within
the medical space.

Cold Storage Functionality & Cleanliness

Wire shelving allows for ventilation like no other storage
system. The mesh wire shelving allows for flow-through ventilation around every
level, every bin and every storage container. The tendency for condensation to
build up around storage shelving is eliminated via the consistent ventilation
of cool air. Air circulation also combats dirt and dust buildup, especially
important for hospital storage where sterilization is crucial.

Bin Storage

As mentioned, wire shelving systems can be purchased
with small parts storage bins. This is excellent for storing gauze pads,
elastic, bandages, medical tape, scrubs, masks, surgical tools, etc. Bin
storage allows for batch picking, transporting goods and replenishing storage.
We emphasized the importance of organization in the medical space – bins
enhance this crucial characteristic.

Clean, Sleek Appearance

Although aesthetic in a storage room is often not
prioritized in a hospital setting, storing medical items with a clean, sleek display
is absolutely preferred. Furthermore, wire shelving with bins provides high
product visibility for immediate accessibility of important items.

Extreme Capacity

In general, wire shelving capacity often breaches 700 pounds, depending on the structure of storage and shelving width and depth details.

Aurora Wire Shelving

At Aurora Storage®, we provide wire shelving as an economical, versatile storage choice for hospital solutions. Our open-wire construction promotes cleanliness, high viability and air circulation.

Wire shelving options include lifetime warranty and a
large variety of depths, heights, and lengths, depending on storage capacity
requirements. We provide shelving in chrome, stainless steel, black, and
antimicrobial finishes, approved by the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation).
Finally, we provide complete bin and wire systems with totes in multiple
styles, colors and sizes, according to your exact requirements.

Aurora Storage Solutions

At Aurora Storage, we are dedicated to providing
high-quality storage solutions for every story. Aurora has experience salvaging
and solving organizational challenges. Need a solution for your hospital

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