Government Storage Shelving Solutions

The government’s storage needs are complex, diverse and regulated. Aurora’s been keeping their materials secure and organized at every level. 

We understand the unique needs of the government which are unlike any other market needs in terms of application, security, and retention schedules. Agency operation and procurement procedures call for a supplier who is familiar with how the government works. The team at Aurora Storage® has years of experience dedicated to serving federal, state, county, and municipal clients.

Storage with a Strong Constitution

As the proud holders of GSA contract FS-25F0084M, our decades of experience and expertise have earned us the trust of the Federal Government. We have a unique understanding and respect for the special needs of governmental clients at both the state and federal level: find further details about our contracts here.

government storage contracts

Eco-Friendly, High-Quality Government Storage Products

Our reputation for high quality products and service are bolstered by products that are eco-friendly, a requirement many government agencies are mandating. Read more about LEED.

State of the Art

The efficiency of the Aurora Times-2™ Rotary Cabinet is no state secret, but it’s ideal for keeping them. We regularly work with government agencies at the federal, state, county, and municipal level to solve their unique storage needs. We know and respect the retention, application, and security measures and offer solutions to meet your mandates.

Times-2™ optimizes space and bolsters security, without sacrificing fast access. From safely securing weapons to efficiently storing records and files, we’re here to serve the government organizations that serve us.

government storage
government storage

Our federal, national, state and county contracts feature a variety of storage products including Quik-Lok Shelving, Aurora Mobile Shelving and Times-2™ Rotary Cabinets.

Aurora Storage products are very popular with government agencies and are used in all types of applications for general storage including:

Binders, Books and Filings
General Office Supplies
Forms and Publications Display
Periodical Display
Military Ready Bag and Weapon Storage

Shop, Tool and Repair Areas
Media Storage for CDs, Disks and Video
Mail Sorting
Pharmaceuticals and Patient Records
Legal Documents


State of Florida DOT

Fairfax VA County Government

Federal Reserves

Georgia Farm Bureau

Dimmit Border Patrol FAA

Cook County Government

County of YOLO


State of Louisiana

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laminate options

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