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For over sixty years, Aurora has been a mainstay of libraries that demand versatile, sturdy, and beautiful storage

With Aurora Library Storage Shelving, you can store more books in less space to gain valuable floor space for other activities. Choose from a variety of multimedia accessories uniquely designed for library use to store samples, magazines, movies, games, oversized books and more.

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Each library has unique storage considerations, whether it’s dealing efficiently with decentralized libraries within a university, or the challenges of space and limited resources facing most public libraries. The design experts at Aurora Storage® understand and can help plan a library shelving or storage system to suit your needs and optimize every bit of space.

Library & Book Shelving Systems

It can be beneficial to have the appropriate storage cabinet. You can streamline and increase the productivity of your operations with our cabinet-style case-type shelving. Our adaptable universal slotted case-type shelving systems let you organize a variety of items. The shelving units’ double-walled uprights prevent items kept at the ends of the storage shelves and cabinets from becoming obscured, and the case-type library shelving slots help create a shelving system that is easily reconfigured as your needs change.

If you need to maximize your available space, consider mounting any case-type shelving system, including door and drawer units, on small mobile systems. These systems relocate shelving units along rails, reducing the amount of unnecessary aisle space while maintaining easy access. Get in touch with us to learn more about the many accessories and configurations that are available and to see which ones would be most effective for the things you need to store. There are doors, drawers, pull-out storage shelves, and bin dividers available. Our cabinets are versatile and adaptable.

Why Choose School Library Shelving Units

The success of the school library depends on choosing the appropriate shelving and cabinets. The library must be comfortable for the students to use. Children need enough room to play, move around, and read books. Appropriate shelving units should be used to improve the learning environment for students. It provides a lot of room for students to locate rare books and reading materials.

Aurora Storage provides a high-quality shelving system. Everyone wants mobile mid-floor shelving’s versatility. Our shelves can be easily moved to make room for larger classes or school events, and you can use them to make corners for solitary work. You can make changes to your space on a daily basis to keep it appealing to students. Our shelving system’s extensive and adaptable range of options and accessories makes it the perfect choice for storage in school libraries. You can store a wide variety of media types, including magazines, DVDs, and heavy books like textbooks and picture books. We provide shelving systems that can be configured to add more collaboration spaces and digital media labs or to make room for expanding collections.

We provide high-quality 4-post library shelving for schools and universities, public libraries, corporate office libraries, law libraries and architectural and interior design libraries. A beautiful addition to Aurora Library Shelving is Wood-Tek™, rich wood end panels and wood-cladding to give the appearance of wooden library shelving with the superior strength and greater weight capacity of Aurora steel shelving.

Our school library shelving systems are hard-working and durable for the constant use school libraries and media centers see on a daily basis. With a variety of accessories for multimedia storage, superior weight capacity to hold tons of books, and limited lifetime warranty, it’s no wonder most librarians choose Aurora Library Shelving.

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