Law Enforcement Lockers Solutions

Law Enforcement has plenty of things to protect. That includes equipment, evidence, records and more. Our storage solutions help keep them safe.

For over sixty years, Aurora Storage® has been supplying custom storage solutions for police, sheriff, and justice departments; correctional facilities, private security companies and other law enforcement offices that need versatile, sturdy, and secure storage that stands up to rigorous use.

Our numerous storage solutions are created to offer practical storage that is organized, adaptalble, and space-efficient for all supplies, materials, and equipment used in your operations, including evidence, guns, gear, and files. For the communities you serve, better storage leads to improved work. We can offer you market-leading storage solutions that are built to enhance your law enforcement or police station, whether it be cutting-edge high-density mobile systems, lockers, or cabinets.

Crime & Evidence Storage

With every new arrest or conviction, comes a new line of evidence and inmate records that need to be stored – on top of the overflowing pile of paperwork that law enforcement offices are already entrusted with. Even a small oversight in preserving the chain of custody can harm the reputation of your department.

At Aurora Storage, our high-density mobile storage systems can efficiently store existing evidence items while creating more space for future ones. Additionally, our steel shelving, rotary cabinets, and other secure and space-efficient solutions can be found in law enforcement departments nationwide.

Our storage lockers are made of heavy-duty steel and protected with your choice of locking mechanisms to maintain a secure chain of custody. Select the settings and configurations that are most effective for your department or agency. Lockers for temporary evidence storage make it easier to keep track of evidence from the crime spot to the courtroom.

Confiscated Long Guns and Handguns
Impounded Narcotics and Money
Crime Scene Evidence
Chain of Custody Documents
Inmate & Booking Records

Fingerprint Cards
Parole Records
Traffic Violations
Parking Tickets
Investigation Report Storage

Police Force & Departmental Storage

Municipal, County, State and Federal Law Enforcement Departments have unique challenges for specialized storage such as limited physical space and high-security requirements. Our customizable storage units with keypad access enable police officers to store everything from boots to bulletproof vests safely. Our Police Force & Departmental Storage solutions can hold items including:

Officer Uniforms

Tasers and Electronics
Files and Office Supplies

Weapons Storage Overview – Law Enforcement

Whether it is for the Police or Sheriff’s Departments, Evidence Rooms, Military Arsenals or Armories, when your job is to serve and protect, your weapons, accessories and tools need to be protected, as well. At Aurora Storage, we offer specialized storage solutions that optimize organization, security, and accessibility for all your weapons.

Your armory can be kept secure and organized with the aid of our weapon storage cabinets. Our lockers are sturdy, entirely welded storage lockers that safeguard equipment and evidence. Industrial shelving is the last option, and it can help organize items like banker’s boxes filled with records or evidence. Whatever your position in the law enforcement community, Aurora Storage has storage options for you.

The Importance Of Law Enforcement Evidence Lockers

The need for a temporary locker room that can ensure better storage, the security of the evidence, and its integrity arises from the fact that law enforcement evidence may arrive for processing at any time of the day or night. When planning a building design, there are many things to take into consideration, including an evidence room for police departments.

Biological evidence, cash, illegal drugs, stolen goods, weapons, and other items are frequently kept in evidence lockers. The crime labs also need organized space for their storage leads. The evidence runs the risk of being misplaced, handled carelessly, or stolen if there is no property storage or tracking in place. Aurora Storage is the solution to all storage-related issues because we provide law enforcement agencies with duty bag lockers and high-quality and heavy duty evidence lockers for storing evidence.

Versatile, Interchangeable Components

Aurora Weapons storage accessories are modular and interchangeable, and feature:

Separate stock and barrel holders for long guns
Sloped stock shelves
Handgun brackets, with and without clip compartments

Brackets for mounting weapons and optics horizontally
Steel boxes for ammunition
Plastic tote brackets for general storage


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Homeland Security

U.S. Department of Justice

Aurora Police Department

Palm Beach County Sheriff

Broward County Sheriff

Kane County Sheriff

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