There’s always a new problem to solve, which means there’s always a new story to tell. Whether it’s how we worked with clients to break through a barrier, or found an unexpected solution that exceeded expectations. Chances are, we’ve blogged about it. 

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Modular Lockers for Safe Individual Storage

At Aurora Storage, we’ve proudly produced solutions for every story for decades. But the story…

4 Benefits of High-Density Storage

High-density storage, also referred as mobile storage, is a great solution to small spaces that…

Finding the Right Art Storage Cabinet

Are you an art teacher looking for creative art storage solutions? Sometimes, finding enough storage for countless art supplies can feel frustrating when you have a small space to work with.

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A Solution for the Severe Shortage of Hospital Beds

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Illinois Governor Pritzker’s Executive Order in Response to COVID-19

Aurora Storage Responds to Illinois State-Wide Executive Order

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5 Benefits to Wire Shelving for Hospital Storage

Wire shelving is capable of providing multi-purpose storage in the medical atmosphere.

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Storage Solutions for Your Pharmacy

Pharmacies are in need of extraordinary organization.

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