Service Industries Storage Solutions

Giving people what they want means having a lot of things on hand. Aurora provides all manner of service industries with the storage they need to keep their customers coming back. 

The service industry is a key part of what keeps our society ticking on time; we swing by the coffee shop for our morning java, eat at a restaurant, or stay in a hotel on vacation. Even services that may seem non-essential provide the kind of convenience that allows people to relax and enjoy life just a little more.

Whatever kind of service a company provides, proper storage and organization are key to managing files and inventory and keeping a business running smoothly. Many service industries use Aurora Storage products for all types of filing and storage needs, whether it’s for record keeping or for storing supplies, stock, or general items.

Everyone needs to store something, whether it’s retail inventory, office supplies, foodstuffs, or paperwork. As such, Aurora Storage provides shelving and storage solutions for customers across all sorts of markets. The following are just a few of the service industry business types that can benefit from our storage products:

Funeral Homes, Cemeteries
Veterinary Centers
Hospitality (hotels, motels, etc.)
Parks and Recreation

Ad Agencies
Tourism/Travel Agencies
Entertainment Venues, Media Companies
Plumbers, Mechanics and Other Tradespeople

In every area of the service industry, there is always something that needs to be carefully organized. Restaurants, for example, need to manage a large inventory of ingredients and supplies to make sure they don’t run out of food or let it expire. Restaurants are also required to meet strict state and federal standards for cleanliness and food safety, and improper storage could create health risks; poor organization could leave food on the shelves long past the expiration date.

By contrast, a business like a travel agency generally does not deal with inventory, which means its storage systems will be used primarily for things like paperwork, brochures, books, and binders. The ideal shelving for this kind of detailed file storage looks much different from the shelving that would be ideal for bulk food storage. At Aurora Storage, we have the design expertise and product line to meet both types of storage and organization needs.

Durable Construction and Flexible Design

Every storage system we manufacture is built to withstand significant weight capacities and remain sturdy for years of continued use. All of our units are built in the U.S. from high-quality materials and engineered to be structurally sound for a variety of industry uses. Units that involve moving parts, like our Times-2™ Rotary Cabinets and Mobile Shelving, are manufactured to a high standard of quality to ensure the smoothest possible action throughout the life of the unit. Aurora Storage shelving systems are available in a range of styles, finish types, and colors for the most flexible applications.

Custom Design for Unique Service Industry Needs

Stop piling small parts, paperwork and supplies in boxes to be stuffed wherever they fit. With a fully customized design, you’ll be able to designate areas for particular items and use storage space more efficiently than ever before.

No two service industries are the same, so it’s important to have the experts at Aurora Storage help from the start to design a custom storage solution that fits your needs and vision.

Our dealers and design team are happy to assist your service company get organized, save space, and accommodate future storage for your business growth.

Our professional design support team is dedicated to helping our customers create highly organized, easy-to-use storage systems in spaces of any size and use type. Looking to reorganize the patient cards at your veterinary practice? We’ll work with you one-on-one to create a layout that maximizes storage without taking up excess space.

Whether you choose Aurora Quik-Lok Steel Shelving, an Aurora High-Density Mobile SystemTimes-2™ Rotary Cabinets, or Aurora Wire Shelving, your custom-designed system will be cost-effective and efficient to keep your operation running smoothly.

Stay Organized and Efficient with Shelving Solutions from Aurora Storage

At Aurora Storage in Aurora, IL, we aim to be your number one resource for all your storage and shelving needs. Through a combination of thoughtful design, perfect fit and finish, and strict manufacturing quality standards, we provide service industry businesses and other customers from a wide variety of markets with sturdy, well-made shelving and storage units to fit their purpose.

All of our products are manufactured using recycled steel materials and a non-emissive powder coating, both of which play a role in our commitment to environmental responsibility. We’re also strong proponents of compact problem-solving designs that maximize space and provide functional, easily accessible storage.

For more than half a century, Aurora Storage has been at the leading edge of storage innovation, constantly re-inventing our products and processes for the best possible results. Regardless of the market or the intended use, our custom design support experts and dealers work with business customers to pioneer new and unique storage solutions to fit any space, storage type, or architectural style. From utilitarian expandable file storage to beautiful, minimalist shelving for customer-facing product shelves, we work hard to bring you the best in design and function.

Funeral Homes, Cemeteries

Aurora Storage has many solutions to help the funeral and cemetery service industry securely store documents, support materials, and supplies in systems that can save 50% or more of floor space.

Our eco-friendly products are backed by a lifetime warranty and come in a variety of heights, depths, and widths in 32 beautiful powder coat colors.

Storage for Veterinary Centers

Veterinary clinics provide medical, surgical, and preventative medicine for our family pets and frequently storage space is at a premium.

Aurora can store so much more in less space:

  • Pet Treatment Records
  • X-rays
  • Medicine
  • Bulk Food
  • Staff Uniforms

No matter what corner of the service industry you work in, Aurora Storage has the reliable, long-lasting, convenient storage products you need to make your job easier and more efficient. Explore our catalog of storage solutions or call us today at (800) 277-1699 to discuss your vision for custom-designed shelving.


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