Lockers don’t have to be “one-size-fits-all.” Aurora Modular Lockers can be ordered as single units or grouped together, and they come in five standard heights. Aurora Modular Lockers go wherever you need storage.

Modular Lockers from Aurora Storage® provide convenient individual storage for many different environments and can be ordered as single units or ganged together in Starter and Adder configurations to make banks of lockers.

Aurora Modular Lockers come in five standard heights for individual desk use, counter height and café height for task or collaboration areas, or as banks of stand-alone taller lockers.

Why Choose Aurora Modular Storage Lockers

Some workers at the company needed a place to keep their important stuff. Modular lockers with specific openings are required to offer privacy, security and storage. We at Aurora Storage provide modular lockers that are designed to fit your office environment perfectly. Investing in our storage lockers for your company is a wise move that has many advantages. To best meet your company’s needs, you can select from a range of different sizes. Our lockers can improve workplace productivity by keeping your staff members organized. Our objective is to consistently produce high-quality lockers at a fair price.

Our storage lockers offer greater security. Employees can conveniently store their personal belongings in these lockers without having to worry about them getting misplaced or stolen. They will also help employees to cut down on wasted time and make it much simpler for them to stay organized. Additionally, we offer turn-key office spaces, cabinets, custom shelving, and racking. If you have specific storage needs, our team can create a solution just for you. To find out more about using our storage lockers, connect with us and check out our website.

Depths 12″,15″, 18″, 24″
Widths 12″, 15″, 18″, 24″
Heights 26¾”, 34¼”, 40¼”, 64¼”, 76¼”

Modular Storage Lockers Features and Benefits

Modular Components for Design Versatility
Individually Locking Storage
Lock Options: Locking Lever Handle, Locking Round Handle, Electronic Keypad Lock
Door Options: Left Hand or Right Hand Swing, Perforated Front Doors
Optional Laminated Countertops
31 Standard Colors with no VOCs
Combine Lockers with standard Aurora Shelving
Colors match to all Aurora products including Shelving, Mobile, Times-2™, and Museum Cabinets
Limited Lifetime Warranty

Aurora Modular Lockers

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