Streamline your storage.

Aurora MobileRAK™ is the optimal solution for your industrial storage. Thanks to moving aisles, you can reduce to one aisle at a time for unparalleled space, storage, and security.

Optimize your storage story.

Any industrial setting has the same nightmare story: organization, accessibility, and space. Your warehouse pallet rack storage is essential to store heavy and bulky products, but so often it comes at a cost: you need to sacrifice space for fork truck traffic, work in process or raw materials. What if we told you a well-planned solution can secure inventory, save space, and dramatically reduce your footprint without sacrificing capacity?

Double your storage area.

High-density storage allows you to free up 50% more floor space. MobileRAK allows you to condense all the aisles down to one when not in use, no matter how many rows you have or need. That means lower production costs and higher productivity. Increased flow, and improved space utilization. And unbeatable accessibility to stored product. 

Maximize your efficiency.

Aurora MobileRAK allows you to choose between manual operation below a certain threshold, and an electric carriage for heavy-duty operation. It also comes with emergency stops, overload protection, occupancy sensors, fire safety, system diagnostics, and optional alarms and warning lights. 

Features & Benefits

  • Made in USA
  • Barrier Free Rail
  • Fully welded, durable carriage bases
  • Multiple drive systems
  • Use existing pallet racks
  • Electric options available
  • Safety features
  • Loads up to 60,000 lbs. per rack section
mobile rack benefits