When you have too much to store and too little space, you need Mobile Shelving. Aurora’s mobile shelving units can move back and forth and/or side to side on a rail system. The bottom line is you can store more stuff in less space.

Why Choose Aurora Mobile Shelving & Storage

Aurora Storage offers high-density mobile shelving storage products to fill every type of need, from file shelving systems to storage solutions for library books, industrial parts, retail goods, art collections, museum specimens, and athletic equipment. Our mobile shelving systems provide a high-density solution that is durable enough to handle some of our toughest clients.

How Does Aurora Mobile Storage Systems Work?

Unlike traditional stationary shelves, Aurora mobile shelving units are mounted onto a carriage and rail system that moves back and forth and/or side to side, enabling you to store much more in half the floor space.

Improve Your Bottom Line with Aurora Mobile Storage

Overcrowded and disorganized spaces can lead to a host of problems, including safety hazards, loss of productivity, and frustration for employees as they struggle to find items. Aurora mobile storage systems help you get organized, reduce safety hazards, and improve employee morale and productivity—all beneficial to your bottom line.

Features of Aurora Mobile high-density shelving and storage include:

  • Modular components for design freedom
  • Heavy-duty quality for long life
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • More standard sizes and styles
  • Recycled steel content (40%) and a document-safe finish with no volatile organic compounds harmful to the environment
  • A Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Custom design assistance

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