Medical Record Shelving & Filing

When people’s well-being is on the line, storage that’s organized, secure and accessible is the best medicine. 

Aurora healthcare medical record storage keeps your hospital running smoothly and simplifies inventory management for record-keeping, patient care, pharmacy, and sterile supplies. Our medical record storage solutions include modular bin storage, sterile supply storage, patient care servers, pharmacy storage shelving, and record storage systems.

Storage for Healthcare – Medical Shelving & Filing

Healthcare requires a healthy environment so that physicians, nurses, and support staff can provide the best patient care with good outcomes. Aurora has healthcare storage solutions that keep you organized while being secure and space-saving; these solutions can allow you to get back to doing what you do best in the fast-paced world of patient care. More space for patients and medical staff equals more of an ability to provide healthcare services to ailing individuals.

We understand it can be difficult to maintain inventories for thousands of frequently used medical supplies on floors. Using reversible shelving systems, we make it simple for you to store heavy loads easily. We have everything you need, from high-density mobile shelving to medical carts and cabinets, to organize your workspace, increase productivity, and maintain total control.

High-Density Medical Records Shelving Systems

What if you don’t have enough room for all of your files, hardware, boxes, and other items? Are you considering mobile storage but having trouble visualizing how the system would fit in the tiny amount of room you do have?

Then Aurora Storage’s high-density mobile shelving has been created for you. Our shelving units are ideal for many places. We offer you a wide range of storage solutions with a ton of extra features that can be customized to your specific needs and preferences. Our shelving system is simple to install, modify, expand, and move. Your storage can change along with your needs. Our high-density medical records shelving systems are perfectly suited to meet the efficiency, organization, and security requirements of pharmacies and healthcare sectors. The storage systems can be placed on top of existing floors and can be used to maximize space in both small and large rooms, both horizontally and vertically. We provide electric shelving systems that have a soft-start and soft-stop feature to help protect delicate glass bottles and vials. For even greater protection, this can be used in conjunction with shelf dividers, bins and bin fronts, Systems can also be locked to prevent unauthorized access.

Benefits of Medical Record Shelving

To provide successful care, a clean and well-organized healthcare environment is essential. Medical record storage is an efficient way to free up office space while maintaining records safely, making sure they are not misplaced, stolen, or damaged, whether you have switched to an electronic health record or you simply have records that have not yet reached the end of their retention period. Additionally, when choosing from our bins, lockers, lab furnishings, cabinets, casework, vertical solutions, mobile storage, or customized shelves, you don’t have to give up on aesthetics. Utilize our adaptable healthcare storage solutions to optimize workflows, reduce footprints, increase efficiency, boost compliance, and provide the best possible experience for your patients.

Use our shelving units to make better use of your space to increase capacity, lead to quicker retrieval, increase staff productivity, and ultimately save you time and money. We want to assist you in developing patient spaces and employee workspaces. We are dedicated to offering unique storage solutions that are tailored to your company’s requirements.

For all of your questions about healthcare storage design, get in touch with us right away.

Healthcare storage requires varied solutions for clinics and hospitals but all must be efficient, secure, and aesthetically pleasing. Aurora Storage® Products can be ordered in 32 beautiful colors in an antimicrobial finish to maintain a healthy environment for staff and patients. A variety of secure storage solutions including locking swing and tambour doors and electronically controlled locks help keep files confidential, narcotics secure and hospital equipment safeguarded.

From surgical instruments to laptops, Aurora has unique storage solutions for Healthcare:

Nurses Stations, Pharmacies & Surgical Suites
Purchasing & Administrative Departments
Medical Records & X-rays
Dental Records & X-rays

Cafeteria & Food Service
ER / ICU – Critical Care
Patient Rehab


Walter Reed Army Medical Center

Bethesda Naval Medical Center

Albany Medical Center

Blue Cross Blue Shield

American Medical Association


Mayo Clinic

Brigham Medical Library

Children’s Hospital – Pharmacy

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