It combines the warmth of wood with the strength of steel. Wood-Tek™ shelving and cabinetry is built to support more weight than traditional millwork—and look good doing it. With Wood-Tek™, you don’t have to sacrifice strength or beauty.

Wood-Tek™, the versatile and beautiful alternative to millwork, adds a touch of elegance to professional offices and libraries. Wood-Tek™ goes into ‘virtually’ any application, so check out our new Virtual Reality Tour below. Zoom in, zoom out, or fly overhead into this legal office in reception areas, library stacks, partner’s offices and collaboration areas all outfitted with Wood-Tek™ cabinets, shelving, and accessories.

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Why Wood-Tek™?

The Wood-Tek™ Concept

What do you get when you blend the warmth of wood with the strength of steel?

ANSWER: Wood-Tek™ shelving and cabinetry

Wood-Tek™’s classic good looks grace the hallways and front areas of business, legal and accounting firms, as well as libraries and schools across the country.

Wood-Tek™ is not only beautiful but strong enough to support the weight of the heaviest of media.

Why Wood-Tek™, and not Millwork?

Wood-Tek™ combines the inviting look of wood shelving with the sturdy structure of metal shelving.

Wood-Tek™ is a unique storage system that pairs real wood end panels, doors, and shelf edges with Aurora Shelving to make a product unsurpassed in beauty, strength, and versatility. At the end of the day, Wood-Tek™ can hold more weight than traditional millwork.

Why choose Wood-Tek™ over wooden casework?

Wood-Tek™ is the perfect solution, fusing the resiliency of steel library shelving with the warmth of authentic wood finishes. While metal library shelving can bear the heaviest loads for years on end, traditional wood invites readers into a pleasant atmosphere.

Why sacrifice strength for beauty? Choose Wood-Tek™ for your corporate or legal library shelving systems and get the best of both worlds.

The Wood-Tek™ Advantage

  Wood-Tek™ with Steel Shelving Millwork Wood Shelving
Shelf Rigidity Unlike millwork, Wood-Tek™ uses Aurora Quik-Lok steel shelving that’s guaranteed to stay rigid and level—not sag with time. Shelf edges are trimmed in solid wood so they look elegant while highly functional too. Solid wood shelving is prone to warping. It can bend and sag under heavy loads.
Shelf Adjustability Shelves are adjustable and can be moved at any time. Built-in millwork typically has fixed shelving.
Media Support Wood-Tek™ shelves support greater weight than conventional millwork. One 36” x 12” span of shelving holds more than 300 lbs. Limited capability for supporting weight without sagging.
Design Options Wood-Tek™ comes in 4 elegant stains in 2 wood species. Millwork can be ordered in any species and stain.
Portability Wood-Tek™ product is versatile and ‘portable’. If your business moves, Wood-Tek™ can move with you to preserve your investment. Built-in millwork is, well, built-in, making it an expensive venture to remove or, worse yet, leave behind.
Financial Benefits Wood-Tek™ depreciates as furniture. Millwork is considered a fixed asset.
Quality & Consistency of Product Wood-Tek™ adheres to the highest standards of the Architectural Woodworking Institute, which requires that product be hand-stained and hand-rubbed. The quality of millwork is completely dependent upon the skill of the contractor hired.


Door Styles

End Panel Styles

Countertop Profiles

Crown and Base Styles

Wood-Tek™ Models

Wood-Tek™ can be incorporated with many Aurora Storage® and Filing Products including Aurora Quik-Lok Shelving, Aurora Mobile and Times-2™ Speed Files. There are infinite combinations of styles, woods, and species for libraries, bookcases, cabinets, tables, and end panels customized to match your space.


Simple, clean lines define the Diplomat, a bookcase in birch with beaded detailing on the end panels, contoured shelf edges and crown molding with a notched design.

Underneath the Wood-Tek™ shell is Aurora Library shelving with a unique side-wall construction that allows easy access to even tightly packed media.

Wood-Tek™ Models

The Federal Bookcase has classic styling with traditional crown molding, contoured shelf edges and end panels with a fluted design on the front.

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