Industrial Storage Solutions

The needs of the industrial sector are as varied as the industries themselves. That’s why Aurora Storage® carefully engineers custom industrial storage solutions that are durable, flexible, and maximize square footage.

If your facility, shop, or distribution center requires space-efficient storage, Aurora industrial storage shelves are the answer. Our storage shelves for industrial units are built in the U.S. in our union shop, and assembly of our products is easy.

Effective Industrial Storage Systems and Solutions

Designed with your production, distribution, manufacturing, transport, and other business functions in mind. A well-planned industrial storage solution can open up a lot of floor space and help keep inventory secure. Our rugged, dependable, and space-saving storage solutions for industrial units are used in a wide range of facilities.

Manufacturing Facilities
Fulfillment & Distribution Centers
Repair Shops
Paint Shops
Automotive Dealerships
Janitorial Facilities

Space-Saving, Streamlined Storage

Space is a crucial commodity in an industrial setting. With the sheer volume of materials to manufacture, deliver, or store in the meantime, many warehouses are starved for capacity. That’s why we developed MobileRAK™ High-Density Mobile Shelving to maximize industrial storage spaces. The unique collapsible design allows you to reduce one aisle at a time, keeping goods safe, secure, and seamlessly accessible, without sacrificing space.

Strength and Durability

The Wide-Lok™ Wide Span Shelving melds stability and durability for a lasting, secure solution.

Strong and space-intensive, the Aurora Storage Wide-Lok™ Wide Span Shelving Units are ideal to store bulky or heavy equipment. Wide-Lok™ shelving comes in a variety of weight load capacities and can even be made into mobile shelving

Optimizing Industrial Storage Systems with Quik-Lok®: Aurora Makes It Simple

Integrating storage into your industrial facility doesn’t have to be complicated – thanks to the Quik-Lok® shelving concept. Created by Aurora, this design enables customers to assemble their shelving systems by hand – and without tools, braces, or any other kind of hardware. The industrial storage shelves are modular, and fully customizable to different needs, widths and heights.

Disassembly is just as easy as putting the system together. This means that your storage can go wherever your business moves or be rearranged to optimize space if there are renovations and upgrades.

Our industrial storage equipment comes with a level of design flexibility that enables us to retrofit other solutions into existing Aurora Storage products. This includes divided drawers, filing drawers, retractable or sliding doors, a Quik-Door, or Quik-Roll. We also stock and integrate a range of bin dividers, sloped shelves, hanging racks, and other types of accessories, so industrial customers get more out of our adjustable shelving.

High-Visibility, Versatile Industrial Storage Systems

Our industrial customers can get a lot out of Aurora Storage Wire Shelving Systems. Their open wire construction means items are fully visible, and air is circulated to minimize the accumulation of dirt and moisture. Wire shelving is available in numerous sizes, finishes, and accessories, and can be mobilized with our Sliding Floor Track System.

Compact and Flexible Industrial Storage Shelves

Our Times-2™ Industrial Cabinets take organizing your space to a new level. The cabinets can be moved about at will on casters — giving you the perks of a vertical cabinet and ease of maneuverability. Their heavy-duty construction ensures the safe storage of tools, supplies, installation manuals, documents, project files, binders and more.

An added benefit is a dual industrial storage solution that rotates within the metal housing, which is operated by a hand release or foot pedal. The entire unit locks, and individual security drawers with locks are also available for high ticket electronic items such as 2-way radios, tablets, volt meters and testers.

Our Times-2™ Industrial Cabinets can be customized with interior accessories, as well as rollout reference shelves to support equipment such as laptops.

When Space is a Necessity

Aurora Mobile Systems can save 50% of storage space for facilities with tight constraints. An exclusive rail guidance system allows for the smooth and safe movement of even heavily loaded storage units, and an aisle lock prevents carriage drift while a floor lock secures the entire system.

Whether you run a manufacturing company, automotive dealership, or janitorial operation, Aurora Storage can provide the storage shelves for industrial and equipment storage solutions that work best for you.

Contact us for help finding and designing a truly custom storage solution.



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