Botany and Herbarium Drying Cabinets

Aurora Storage® Herbarium Cabinets are second to none in quality, breadth, color selection, and accessories for your botanical collection. These Herbarium Cabinets feature a locking compression handle to provide the tightest of seals and a non-off-gassing silicone gasket to protect your specimens.

Standard herbarium cabinets are hermetically sealed with double wall construction to keep out dust, vapor, insects, and other contaminants from the botanical specimens. They are built with fixed cubbies to store your herbarium collections, dried specimens, and herbarium casings. The herbarium dryer cabinets, on the other hand, feature adjustable shelves and are fitted with a heater and fan system to circulate warm air through the shelves and dry your specimens faster.

Features and Benefits

To address issues like security, humidity control, off-gassing, and contamination prevention, we provide a wide range of specialized storage features. Our experts can help your museum choose the best storage system to keep your facility adaptable to changing collections, whether it be for intricate exhibit artifacts or laboratory supplies. We’ll work with you to identify the best storage option for your specimens and regular operations to solve your particular need. Our cabinets are made to safeguard your collection from harm from water, dust, and other hazards so that they can be preserved over time. Our storage solution provides multiple other benefits and features, including:

  • Industry-Unique Compression Handle standard on All Cabinets
  • Compresses Silicone Door Gasket at Multiple Points
  • Closed Cell Silicone Gasket with Memory Retention
  • Full Perimeter Reinforced Lift-Off Doors Won’t Rattle, Flex, or Wrap
  • Swing 180° Flush with Cabinet

  • Right or Left Hand Swing Options on Single Door
  • Label Holder, Water Shield Top
  • Pullout Work Surface (Full Height)
  • 31 Eco-friendly Beautiful Colors with no VOCs
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Botany and Herbarium Cabinet Sizes

Four models of Herbarium Cabinets come in Full Height and Counter Height models with Double and Single Doors. Our permanent protective storage herbarium cabinets can be fixed to moveable, high-density shelving, which maximizes storage and lets you store more collections in a given amount of space. These American-made cabinets are designed to hold and safeguard your collection for many years. Connect with us to expand your limited space.

Single Door Botany and Herbarium Cabinets

Aurora Storage offers a counter-height single-door herbarium cabinet that offers additional workspace while providing the best long-term space for your specimens. These herbarium cabinets are created to maintain a precise environment while providing easy access to protect your specimen collection from dust, light, mold, moisture, insects, and other threats. Our herbarium cabinets provide compartments to separate and arrange your specimen collection.

HC312284XXXFull Height31″W x 22″D x 84″H26 cubbies12½”W x 19⅜”D x 5⅝”H
HC312243XXXCounter Height31″W x 22″D x 43″H12 cubbies12½”W x 19⅜”D x 5⅝”H

Options: Left or Right Hand Swing

Double Door Botany and Herbarium Cabinets

With our double-door herbarium cabinet, you can give your specimens the best long-term storage possible. These herbarium storage cabinets are created to maintain a precise environment while providing easy access to protect your specimen collection from dust, light, mold, moisture, insects, and other threats. The empty space at the front and back of shelves, along with the built-in pesticide section found in the door channels, allow fumigants to circulate. Our double-door cabinets are ideal for mobility or an easy-to-clean base.

HC562284XXXFull Height56″W x 22″D x 84″H52 cubbies12½”W x 19⅜”D x 5⅝”H
HC562243XXXCounter Height56″W x 22″D x 43″H24 cubbies12½”W x 19⅜”D x 5⅝”H

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