Aurora Storage® Museum Entomology Cabinets are second to none in quality, breadth, color selection, and accessories for your collection. These Entomology Cabinets feature a locking compression handle to provide the tightest of seals and a non-off-gassing silicone gasket to protect your specimens.

Features and Benefits

  • Industry-Unique Compression Handle standard on All Cabinets
  • Compresses Silicone Door
  • Gasket at Multiple Points
  • Closed Cell Silicone Gasket with Memory Retention
  • Full Perimeter Reinforced Lift-Off Doors Won’t Rattle, Flex or Warp
  • Swing 180° Flush with Cabinet
  • Right or Left Hand Swing Options on Single Door

All sizes of specimens can be stored safely and conveniently in our expertly made entomology storage cabinets. As with all of our museum cabinets, our three-point latching system, and a powder-coat paint finish provide durability and a tidy appearance while ensuring protection from dust and other contaminants. As collections expand, it’s simple to clean cabinets and rearrange drawers by simply lifting doors off hinges.

  • Standard Accessories:
  • Label Holder, Water Shield Top
  • Pullout Work Surface (Full Height)
  • 31 Eco-friendly Beautiful Colors with no VOCs
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Counter-height entomology museum cabinets offer a practical surface for work or display, or they can be stacked to make the most of available floor space. Pull-out shelves and maximum capacity are features of full-height cabinets.

The Aurora Storage cabinet provider will carefully measure your available space, discuss your needs, and recommend solutions that will save space, maintain accessibility, and preserve your collections for generations to come in permanent protective storage cabinets.

Precision-crafted Entomological Cabinets

Aurora Storage offers a wide variety of entomological storage solutions to preserve the collections of insect specimens in your museum cabinets, which come in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet your specimen storage needs. Entomological storage preserves the insect specimens in your museum cabinets.

All sizes of specimens can be stored safely and conveniently in our expertly made entomology cabinets. Our cabinets can accommodate the four most commonly used entomology drawer styles.

As with all of our museum cabinets, special components and sturdy construction help to keep out dust and other contaminants, and a powder-coat paint finish offers durability and a tidy appearance.

Entomology Cabinet Sizes

  • Full Height and Counter Height Cabinets
  • Stackable Counter Height Cabinet
  • Solid Doors
  • Pullout Work Shelf on 84″ H Units

Single Door Entomology Cabinets

EC242484XXXFull Height24″ W x 24″D x 84″H

Options: Left or Right Hand Swing

Double Door Entomology Cabinets

EC462484XXXFull Height46″W x 24″D x 84″H
EC462438XXXCounter Height46″W x 24″D x 38″H

Accepts Typical Entomology Drawers

Cornell19″W x 3″H x 16 1/2″D
Smithsonian18″W x 2 9/16″H x 17 7/8″D
California19″W x 2 1/2″H x 17″D
USNM18″W x 3″H x 18″D