Our shelving and cabinets are designed to be freestanding storage devices, or they can be incorporated as part of a larger mobile storage system to save floor space and costs.

Research Libraries 

Aurora Library Shelving is used in research libraries nationally as a more space efficient solution than cantilever shelving, saving 20% of floor space overall.

Our shelving supports even the heaviest of books: one 36” x 12” shelf can support 300 pounds without deflection or bowing over time.

Specially designed gusseted uprights make it easy to grab books, even in tightly packed rows.  The Quik-Lok design has no hardware or braces to damage collections.

Design Support

Our design experts will help you assess your existing museum floor space and recommend the correct product to optimize the storage in the space available.

Museum collections stored in an Aurora Mobile system can save up to 50% floor space or increase storage by 50%.

The same broad range of accessory items are available for Aurora Mobile Systems including:

  • Shelves
  • Garment Hangers
  • Drawers
  • Textile Drawers
  • Weapons Racks
  • Security Drawers