MJ System 30 by Aurora is a versatile line of starter/add-on cantilever library shelving with a contemporary appearance.  A single slot design with flat brackets allows for increased storage.  With a narrow footprint,  MJ System 30 Library Shelving can create wider aisles for ADA accommodation, or save valuable floor space for other uses. Another advantage is that System 30  Library Shelving can increase in height in the field by adding to the column assemblies.

Easy Installation

Assembly is easy with a snap together design that speeds installation and allows great flexibility when your library wants to reconfigure a collection.  Install MJ Library Shelving by Aurora with a closed base or an open base to reduce clutter and produce a more streamlined look.


Are aesthetics a concern in your library or media center?  Aurora can add many different types of end panels to our System 30 to create the modern look you want.  Custom end panel options include steel, laminates, Wood-Tek™ wood cladding, slat wall, acrylics, and graphic elements such as logos.


  • Requires no overhead bracing or floor fastening
  • Solid Shelf Construction – 1” Shelf profile prevents deflection over time
  • Hundreds of accessories to store various collections
  • System 30 can be re-leveled while being completely loaded

Product Options:

  • Starter and Add-on
  • Single and Double Face Units
  • Single and Double Face Divider Units
  • Seismic Gusseted Column Assemblies
  • Steel End Panels and Closed Back Options
  • Mix and Match Accessories
  • Nominal Shelf Sizes: 8”, 9”, 10”, 12”
  • Width: 36” (24” and 30” also available.)
  • Heights: 42”, 60”, 66”, 72”, 78”, 84”, 90”
  • Choose from 31 Beautiful Shelving Colors

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