Ramp Rail

Rail Options

The rail is predrilled to accept leveling screws for  easy installation.

Aurora Mobile Barrier Free Rail allows unimpeded aisle access for carts or wheelchairs  for individuals with disabilities.

In addition to Standard Barrier Free Rail, Aurora Mobile can be ordered with various combinations of rail listed here:

  • Single and Dual Anti-Tip
  • Special Wedge Plate for Seismic Applications
  • Running Rail
  • Deck Plate

Wheelchair Ramp


Aurora Mobile features a variety of ramp options.

Options include standard ramp, single-sided ramp for mobile installations against a wall, or Twin Ramp.

Single-sided and Twin Ramp are available with Anti-Tip or Chain Channel.

Ramp Rail
Twin Ramp

Twin- and Singled Sided Ramp

  • 3”, 4”, 6”  in Flat Black Steel
  • Anti-tip or chain channel

Ramp Rail
Standard Ramp

Standard Ramp

  • 4”stainless or galvanized
  • 12” Stainless or galvanized