Our Wide-Lok™ Wide Span Shelving uses standard closed uprights and features 8 shelf widths and 5 shelf depths. Just as with regular Quik-Lok Shelving, Wide-Lok™ assembles with minimal tools. 

The Wide-Lok™ Wide Span Concept

It can be quickly put together, whether you require a single unit or an intricate multi-level picking system. There are only a few parts that snap and fit together easily and quickly without the need for additional bracing or hardware. It has heavy gauge steel angles that provide shelf support to hold it up, and four points on each support make contact with the upright frame. Wide span shelving is the industry standard for shelving built to handle high, wide, or bulky hand-loaded items and fills the space between pallet racks and regular shelving.

Aurora Wide-Lok™ Wide Span Shelving provides a strong, durable storage solution
for larger and heavier objects such as:

Archival Bankers Boxes
Museum Artifacts & Sculpture
Large Police Evidence
Military Ready Bags
Bulk Storage
Retail Goods
Large food service items/restaurant inventory
Mechanical/Automotive parts


Mix Wide-Lok™ with Standard Shelving
Mobile Ready Option
31 Standard Colors with no VOCs
Colors match to all Aurora Products including Shelving, Mobile, Times-2™, and Museum Cabinets
Industrial tools

Wide Span Shelving Racks for Industrial & Heavy Duty Items

When you need to store over-sized or heavy items or boxes, standard 4-post shelving simply won’t be enough. You need wide span shelving that is heavy duty. In fact, using lighter gauge shelving to store big, heavy items could cause shelves to deflect, potentially causing damage to the items you were intending to store. When those items are irreplaceable artifacts, criminal case evidence or expensive retail inventory, you simply can’t afford to take that chance.

Wide-span shelving is ideal for storing a variety of bulky and heavy items. The extensive range of standard and configured sizes offered by our wide-span shelving enables you to create a shelving system specifically tailored to your requirements. It is built to function in static applications and to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of market-leading mobile systems. To ensure maximum structural integrity, storage systems have upright posts that are roll-formed into a boxed style. It is simple and easy assembly and is easily installed or moved. A perfect storage solution for any space is guaranteed due to a wide range of standard and configured sizes.

At Aurora Storage®, we’ve developed a specialized line of heavy-duty, wide span 4-post shelving units that can handle items of greater weight and size. The concept behind our Wide-Lok™ Wide Span shelving products is one that provides maximum stability and lasting durability.

*Special Wide-Lok Open Uprights are also available. Consult Customer Service.

Why Choose Wide-Lok™ Wide Span Shelving & Storage Racks

By choosing us, you will never regret it and get the best storage racks for your space. Wide-span storage shelving is a strong storage option that strikes the perfect balance between pallet racks and commercial shelving. Your current pallet racking can be improved to create a hybrid storage system that can accommodate a range of product types. They are incredibly strong and damage-resistant due to their all-steel construction. Their carrying capacity is also increased by the deep upright frames and heavy-gauge steel shelves. In comparison to other industrial shelving types, it provides maximum stability and higher load capabilities for heavy-duty items because the frames and uprights support the flooring at all four corners. If you want a unit with more structural stability, we provide beam braces and crossbar support. Additionally, the footplates on these bulk storage racks can be fastened to the warehouse floor to prevent injuries or product damage from falls or impacts.