What Color Best Fits Your Office

You’ve decided to purchase new shelving and storage systems for your office, and you can’t wait to get your unruly files and supplies off your desk and in order—but have you decided which finish color to choose? Consider the following three aspects of design that could help you make a decision.

Shelving Colors

Different Colors Create Different Moods

Believe it or not, the color of our surroundings can have a profound impact on our moods. The associations people make with different colors tend to vary along cultural lines, but interior design often refers to the associations made in modern western culture.

Red, for example, is considered a passionate, intense and warming color, while blue is considered calm and soothing, which makes it popular for high-anxiety settings like clinic waiting rooms and other medical offices. Yellow is bright, happy and energizing, and pink—especially a soft, pastel pink—is viewed as youthful, feminine and fresh. Basic colors like gray, taupe and off white provide an earthy, grounded feeling that’s ideal for a Zen space and serve as a great background for other colors.

Consider What Would Fit Your Office’s Overall Style

Another simple way to choose a finish is to consider what would coordinate best with your overall office design. Is your current décor light or dark? Is it more traditional or modern? If you work in a traditional office with light neutral walls and wood grain furniture, you might consider a shelving unit in a neutral brown or light sandy color for a mellow, comfortable feel. If your office is a bit more modern with a bold-colored wall, a simple black or stark white unit can create a nice contrast that’s both appealing and trendy.

What Kind of Finish Suits What You Do?

While any shelving finish can be suitable for any office, there are also some finishes that are common to certain industries. Consider the kind of design used by other successful companies in your business. For a strongly industrial company that does construction and fabrication, a stainless steel finish can lend an air of strength and class. By comparison, a tech-focused company might consider a bright white finish, à la Apple.

Whatever your business, think about what your company does and what your company’s values are. Focus on choosing décor and furniture finish colors that embody those ideas and make them come to life. The psychology of color and design just might help your team get into the company spirit, as well.

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