Innovative Storage For Diverse Markets

Innovative Storage Solution

Our product line at Aurora Storage® consists of a wide range of solutions to meet your storage needs. Aside from basic versatility and security, the available units are designed to address space constraints and provide easy assembly and installation in office, library, school, medical, and industrial settings. Used as school storage shelving, to applications like industrial shelving storage, the units in our catalog are divided up into the following categories:

  • Times 2™ Rotary Cabinets: Created as a modern replacement for lateral filing cabinets, Times-2™ is a compact storage system with an internal cabinet that rotates. Stored items can be accessed from both sides making it perfect for shared storage between workstations. Files, binders, DVDs/CDs, office supplies, and coats/personal items can be easily stored, organized and kept out of the way. The cabinets are sold in numerous standard sizes and styles, so customizing them for your business is not a problem, and various accessories such as drawers, caster kits, filing drawers, reference shelves, hand releases/foot pedals, and hanging folder frames can be integrated.
  • Quik-Lok Shelving: A simple solution for installing school shelving and shelves in any business, clinic or facility is here. No tools or hardware are needed to assemble these storage units and shelves. In addition to our standard sizes and styles, you can order custom widths and heights and have a compact storage solution that is truly suited for storage requirements in a school, healthcare facility, financial institution, industrial plant, or law enforcement agency. These storage units are modular and heavy-duty, and they contain 40% recycled steel.
  • Wide-Lok™ Wide Span Shelving: We offer eight shelf widths and five shelf depths for optimal storage of retail goods, bankers boxes, police evidence, bulk storage, military ready bags, and museum artifacts and sculptures. The 1800 Series and 1100 Series options support hundreds of configurations and can be shipped mobile-ready to create a mobile storage system. The units come in 31 standard colors. Customers can combine them with other storage systems in our catalog, while starter and add-on Wide-Lok™ units can support many kinds of oversized objects and equipment.
  • Wood-Tek™: This brand combines the strength and durability of metal storage shelving with the beauty of hand finished wood. The end panels, shelf edges and doors are made of real wood in four stains and two wood species. In contrast to millwork with wooden shelves, Wood-Tek™’s underlying Quik-Lok Shelving provides the weight and strength capacity that can only come from adjustable steel shelving. It supports heavy loads for years with no shelf deflection and comes with the advantages of beauty, portability and numerous design options. Custom wood and stain matches are also an option.
  • Wire Shelving: Wire storage racks and bins are suited as medical shelving, school cafeteria shelving and for various commercial and industrial storage applications. Easily installed with a mallet, Aurora Storage’s wire racks and bins can be used to store surgical supplies and gowns, canned goods and cooking equipment for restaurants, and small parts to feed manufacturing production lines,. Depending on the model, the sturdy racks are able to support from 600 – 800 lbs per shelf. These feature an all-welded steel construction and can be finished in chrome, stainless steel or a Proform antimicrobial material.
  • Museum Cabinets: Supplied as freestanding storage systems or integrated into larger mobile storage solutions, our museum cabinets can hold everything from manuscripts and small specimens to paleontological samples. Aurora Storage offers Collections Cabinets for natural history and art collections, Herbarium and Herbarium Drying Cabinets for botanical processing and storage and Entomology Cabinets with tight sealing for maximum protection of specimens. We also offer flat files and specialized shelving storage for art, sculpture and textiles for art museums and library shelving for natural history and research libraries, as well as archival and high-density storage solutions.

Market Overview

Our business shelves are designed to increase productivity in a variety of settings and are suited for insurance, retail, legal, insurance, financial, manufacturing, R&D, and automotive businesses. Customers have successfully implemented our storage and shelving solutions in accounting, IT, human resource, hospitality, restaurant, parks and recreation, funeral home, and veterinary settings.

Education Storage

Education is another sector that is dependent on reliable storage. It demands organized, efficient school shelving that supports detailed space planning. School library shelving is important for organizing books, but textbooks, student records, athletic equipment, and janitorial supplies storage are other considerations for our other styles of school shelving.

Aurora Storage can meet your needs in terms of space efficiency, usefulness (via a multi-height mobile shelving system) and security. From storage cabinets to floor-track mobile shelving, we have what you need to keep your classrooms, administrative offices, teacher offices, closets, and all departmental storage areas organized and clean.

Healthcare Storage

In addition to school and library shelving units, we supply versatile space-saving storage solutions for healthcare clients. Organized storage and ease of access are critical in medical facilities, so physicians, nurses and other staff members can focus on patient care.

Aurora Storage’s medical storage shelves are well-suited for surgical suites, nurse’s stations, pharmacies, and purchasing and administrative departments. They’re ideal for keeping all medical records organized, not to mention improving the efficiency of radiology, cardiac and rehab departments. Medical storage is even useful in hospital and facility cafeteria and food service areas.

Government and Military Storage

Aurora Storage’s line also includes storage and shelving for military and government agency customers on our GSA contract.

Federal agencies often require secure locking storage for records and confidential documents. Aurora has multiple security solutions including storage units with keypad access. Other government storage requirements are met as well, whether it’s for general office supplies, books and filings, periodical display, mail sorting, media storage, or pharmaceutical/patient records for Veteran Affairs clinics and hospitals.

Military bases have unique needs for tough books, ready bags, body armor, helmets, weapons, ammunition, parachutes, janitorial supplies and workroom tools to optimize organization and security. The extensive range of applications showcases just how versatile our product line is.

Corporate Storage

We also manufacture commercial shelving and library shelving units suited not only for education but for corporations and architectural and design firms. Keep binders and books organized and safe on Aurora Library Shelving with no exposed nuts or bolts to snag the media. Store design samples in Aurora Shelving outfitted with bins or partitioned drawers that make retrieval easy.

Service Industry Storage

Service industries such as retail, hospitality and restaurants benefit from organized storage whether it’s for filing, record keeping, supplies, utensils, or compact, accessible storage for backroom stock.

The durability and flexibility of our storage and shelving allows commercial and educational customers to get more out of our diverse range of storage systems than storage in traditional filing or lateral cabinets. Our industrial shelving storage supports the operations of warehouses, manufacturing facilities, fulfillment and distribution centers, and repair shops, among others.

Since our founding, Aurora Storage has been able to meet the most diverse range of shelving needs and markets in the industry. Contact us to see how we can meet your needs.