Five Questions to Ask When Deciding on Shelving

Whether you are redesigning your office or starting a new business, a lot of thought goes into shelving. Whether you are in law, medicine, hospitality, or other industries that require storage, you will need to ask yourself a couple of questions before committing to just any shelving system.

Aurora Storage®’s family of shelving units varies in aesthetics, usage, size, and more. All units have the advantages of easy assembly, strength and a modern appearance. It is important, first off, to ask yourself what is being stored. That will help you to figure out if you need security features, customization and more.

It is also important to ask yourself about aesthetics. Does your office library need the warmth and richness of wood cladding to impress clients? Perhaps you want a clean, uncluttered and futuristic design that an enclosed rotary cabinet can project. Or is your need just utilitarian for wire shelving that will be storing utensils and food in a commercial kitchen?


Whatever you are looking for, be sure to make yourself aware of how much space you will need, today and for the future. Reference the infographic below to understand the particular questions that you will need to ask yourself before choosing shelving!

Shelving System Guide