Storage Solutions for Schools & Universities

Classroom organization, structure and asset safety play integral roles in education.

Storage Solutions for Schools & Universities

Efficiency is in high demand in the educational stratosphere. Handling floorspace, navigating tight budgets and overcoming construction costs are common challenges for school and university administrators. Each challenge requires efficiency to overcome, including economic floorspace management. Organization, structure and the safety of classroom assets play integral roles in education – however, an ideal storage solution can be hard to find. In the content below, efficient, well-organized and accessible school storage solutions are outlined.

Educational Storage Solutions: The Challenges

As previously mentioned, efficiency, accessibility and structure are extremely important in a storage solution. In fact, these characteristics are necessary. A system that eliminates access to supplies, data or equipment for students, educators or administrators is pointless.

Identify a straightforward storage solution – seems simple enough. Though seemingly rudimentary, school facilities require thoughtful space planning. For example, floorspace varies from school to school and room to room.

Furthermore, storage requirements differ, ranging from textbooks and sheet music to ancient library texts and athletic equipment. A variety of departments require storage, including libraries & media centers, food service areas, individual teacher offices, nurses’ offices, administrative offices, janitorial areas, arts and crafts closets, and general storage units. Simple shelving units do not satisfy complex storage obligations. In the educational stratosphere, storage that goes above and beyond is often necessary.

Which storage solution is ideal for your school or university? Below, we list a variety of storage solutions designed for schools and universities, according to unique capabilities.

General Education Storage Products

K-8 schools require storage for textbooks, teacher personal items, arts, crafts, library books, textbooks, and gym equipment. Often, elementary schools share their building space with programs, including day care, elder care and other community use. As expensive electronics are introduced into educational programs, even at the elementary level, security is paramount. Along with electronics, student records and medications are critical to be kept safe for student privacy.

High schools are constantly evolving and incorporating new trends and technology. For example, STEM and STEAM programs often require creative centers, called Maker Spaces, allowing students to collaborate and experiment. Community colleges and universities serve a plethora of students requiring diverse storage capabilities, while university clinics, reference libraries, research labs, athletic teams, administrative offices, and student registrar offices balance steady growth with limited space.

Storage Solutions for Higher Education

College campuses and universities are evolving and changing dramatically, keeping pace with technological advancements. Facility investments and upgrades are made to showcase culture and environment, increasing efficiency for students and staff and attracting prospective students. Student unions & culture centers, office administration areas, libraries, and classroom instructional storage facilities benefit from excellent storage.

School Storage Systems: The Solution

Times-2™ Rotary Cabinet Storage Systems

Times-2™ systems are versatile, compact, flexible, and extremely accessible – eradicating the need to space consuming laterals. The storage cabinet system easily rotates for fast access to both sides, offering double the storage capacity of a single cabinet. The Times-2™ rotary cabinet is ideal for multimedia storage, including handing end tab and top tab files, binders, DVDs and CDs, office supplies, and personal items.

Quik-Lok Shelving

As the name implies, Quik-Lok Shelving can be assembled with ease, requiring no tools, braces or hardware. This simple shelving system can be ordered in a variety of sizes, colors and styles, integrating gracefully into any classroom or administrative office space.


The aesthetic of hardwood adds elegance to offices and libraries. However, traditional millwork comes with a capacity limit. Wood-Tek™ shelving combines the beautiful warmth of wood with the strength of steel, able to support more weight than traditional wood shelving while maintaining stunning aesthetic. Unsure if Wood-Tek™ shelving will mesh with your educational environment? Explore our Wood-Tek™ Virtual Reality Tour to find out.

Aurora Modular Lockers

Modular lockers demonstrate that lockers don’t have to be “one-size-fits-all.” Aurora Modular Lockers can be ordered individually or clustered together, in five standard heights. Convenient to transport, Modular Lockers can be incorporated into any classroom, office, café, or collaboration area.

Wide-Lok™ Wide Span Shelving

Aurora Storage®’s Wide-Lok™ Wide Span Shelving provides unique durability, an ideal storage solution for larger, heavier objects. In an educational setting, this may include bulk storage, artifacts & sculptures, textbooks, etc.

Mobile Shelving

High-density mobile shelving storage products fill a variety of needs. Mobile shelving storage is excellent for file shelving systems, storing library books, art collections, museum specimens, and athletic equipment. Mobile shelving units are mounted onto a carriage and rail system that moves with ease, enabling you to store much more with less floor space. Mobile shelving is the solution to overcrowded and disorganized spaces, eliminating safety hazards, loss of productivity, and student/ staff frustration.

Wire Shelving

In the educational environment, wire shelving is utilized for a variety of needs. These shelves are easy to install, requiring only a mallet to put together. Wire shelving is versatile, simple, sleek and durable. Textbooks, craft supplies and AV equipment are excellent items to store on wire shelving. Aurora Storage Wire Rack Shelves can handle up to 800 lbs.

Finishing Colors

At Aurora Storage, we emphasize the smooth, seamless incorporation of shelving into an existing environment. Therefore, we provide multiple coloring options to match with your classroom, office or library space.

Why Green Schools?

At Aurora Storage, we are members of the US Green Building Council with a strong commitment to the environment. Every storage solution is designed to be environmentally friendly, helping schools achieve LEED building certification. Why do we emphasize a healthy educational environment? Because we believe green schools foster an atmosphere conducive to learning. Environmentally friendly equipment promotes better indoor air quality, quieter classrooms and abundant natural light.

Aurora Storage: Innovative Storage Solutions

We provide solutions for every story. Every space has a story to tell. Every market requires the proper storage solution to safeguard priceless items – from ancient texts to athletic equipment. At Aurora Storage, we are proud to provide a whole new dimension of shelving for a plethora of industries, including libraries, museums and educational facilities.

Are you interested in innovative shelving for your space? Contact us today! We would love to discuss a storage solution fit to your needs.