4 Tips to Increase Sales

Leticia is a great source of knowledge, so we recently interviewed her to get her take on sales techniques.

Increase Sales with Tips from Leticia

Leticia DeLaFuente has been with Richards-Wilcox for 25 years, 15 of which have been with Aurora Storage® as an Inside Sales Specialist and for the last several years as the Central Regional Manager. She’s a great source of knowledge, so we recently interviewed her to get her take on sales techniques. These are the tips she shared with us when we asked her what works.

1.  Let Your Customers Know that You Can Assist Them With Their “Storage Requirements.”

Ask if you can assist them with their storage requirements, which would include filing. With most clients, if you ask first about filing you could lose them right away if they are switching over to digital documents.

Storage System Sales Person

2.  Take Advantage of the Fact That Storage is Often an After-thought.

Let’s face it, storage is not “sexy” furniture like chairs and workstations. It’s often overlooked. Missing storage in a design plan can be catastrophic. Bringing up storage right at the start of a project will make you a HERO. Even though Aurora Storage products are ancillary products, they have a nice margin which cannot always be said for chairs and tables.

3.  Every Project is an Opportunity for Aurora Storage Products!

Part of being the HERO is being familiar with your client’s business and knowing where Aurora Storage fits in. In addition to the standard storage areas, make sure to ask about storage closets, janitor rooms, copy rooms, and file room on plans. Often, your client is not aware that you can assist them with these areas, which means you are leaving YOUR commission money on the table.

Storage System Distributors

4.  Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Our Help.

The design team at Aurora Storage can assist with multiple product solutions, space plans, specs, and pricing. All you have to do is present it and ask for the order.” 

Leticia’s Final Comments:

I believe in our products: Aurora Storage products have the best fit and finish, tightest tolerances and versatility in the industry. We have a great reputation with our dealers, customers and installers. I believe our products pretty much sell themselves once the opportunities are found.”