A New Brand With Stories to Tell

Aurora Storage. A Solution for Every Story.

We have a long history of protecting what’s important. That’s been a part of our mission since the very beginning. The values we’ve held for over a century still hold true, but as time moves forward, and the world around us becomes bigger and bigger, we’ve had to expand our thinking to contain it all.

The result is a new brand. A brand that knows that the things we store are precious. Irreplaceable. From priceless vaccines to treasured literature. Rare plants to ancient artifacts. Sacred scrolls to scientific breakthroughs. In libraries, businesses, museums, and more – wherever there are stories to store. We contain what can’t be contained. We invent ideas to protect your ideas.

Aurora Storage Cover Image

But the brand isn’t just about the items we hold. It’s about the innovative solutions we create for our customers. Solutions that include multi-purpose cabinets, mobile shelving, mechanized storage systems and more. It’s about doing our part to bring their stories to life. There’s a story behind everything we store. Aurora Storage®. A Solution for Every Story.