Museums protect stories of the world. But who protects museums?

Art, science, religion, literature. The very things that define us. We find these treasures buried in the desert sand. Hidden in caves. Hung in the corner of an artist’s studio. Written in languages long forgotten. They tell us the story of human history and show us the wonders of the world around us. All of them entrusted to our museums.

The items found in museums around the world are priceless. And it’s clear from what the public sees on display, that each item is protected and well preserved. But the items on display make up just 20% of the items most museums hold. What about the other 80% that we don’t see? They deserve the same kind of care and protection. That’s where Aurora Storage comes in.

Aurora Storage can develop a customized solution with you to protect and store the items in your museum. Aurora offers a wide array of storage systems that can help protect your items from things as simple as dust, light, bugs and theft, as well as events as potentially destructive as fires or hurricanes.

Your collection holds tremendous value. Much of it may be irreplaceable. Priceless. Aurora Storage’s versatile storage products and custom-design solutions not only keep your collection organized and easy to access, but safe and preserved for generations to come.