Benefits of Rolling Track Shelving Systems

As industries continuously innovate, businesses are forced to become ever more efficient. Rolling track shelving systems are an innovative solution to spacing and organization issues.

As industries continuously innovate, businesses are forced to adopt ever more efficient solutions to current practices and commodities. Office space and organization are two such items. Rent is expensive, and the rise in real estate costs forces businesses, schools, libraries, and museums to use space effectively. Furthermore, disorganized spaces can lead to safety hazards, productivity loss, and frustration.

Rolling track shelving systems are an innovative
solution to spacing and organization issues. Rolling shelves are convenient and
simple to use, with the ability to double an organization’s storage capacity without
filling extraneous space. In the content below, we explore the benefits of
utilizing a rolling track shelving system, beginning with preserving space.

Compacted Space

Consider how much space storage claims in your office
setting. The answer is probably too much. Rolling track shelving systems
compact your storage space, taking up a fraction of the floorspace while dramatically
multiplying capacity. While not in use, rolling shelving systems collapse into
high density units.

Mobile Storage

Static storage is problematic. The existing storage
units utilized by the majority of businesses, though perhaps meeting the status
quo, are inefficient. Massive shelving systems can often be reduced by 50%,
making room for other important items. This extra room could also simply provide
open space to encourage creativity and collaboration.

Traditional shelving is often aligned with aisles between
each shelf. However, every aisle is not needed. Practically, employees are not
perusing every aisle simultaneously. Meanwhile, electricity, HVAC, and valuable
space are wasted.

Some companies find spacing solutions in offsite
storage. However, the transfer and retrieval of items at an off-site location
can ultimately waste valuable time.


How do mobile shelves work? Mobile shelving units are
mounted on a carriage and rail system. The entire system moves back and forth
and/or side to side. The result? Multiplied storage with less than half of the
floor space. When the shelves are pushed together, only one or two required
aisles are accessible. With innovative moving technology, multiple rows can be
shifted at once by turning a handle.


Overcrowded spaces are often extremely disorganized.
As mentioned, disorganization leads to a wide variety of problems, each negatively
impacting a business’s bottom line. Organized mobile storage systems reduce
safety hazards and improve employee morale – both increasing productivity.

Diverse Functionality

Mobile shelving is versatile and customizable to
required applications. Storing options, include:

Maintenance parts
Evidence and police property
Clothing and athletic equipment
Library books
Office supplies (binders, file folders, boxes, writing utensils)
Museum items
Industrial pallets
Healthcare supplies
And much, much more!

Diverse Application

Offices, police stations, libraries, museums, hospitals, laboratories, universities, and a wide variety of other industries benefit from rolling shelves. At Aurora Storage®, we have a collection of stories, past projects featuring satisfied businesses who have utilized rolling track shelving systems to their full potential.

River Falls Athletic Department: Every morning, the University of Wisconsin Falls Falcons football team arrived at the practice field at the break of dawn. However, every morning, the team faced a continuous challenge: disorganized, cluttered equipment, piled high in an ad hoc storage facility. The problem was felt among the entire school. Security was a problem, and inefficiency was a problem. At last, the Falcon Center Design Team called for change.

While searching for the perfect storage solution, the
Falls Falcons football team knew two imperative facts: they needed to maximize
the square footage allocated to each department – and there was no possible way
to expand the facility’s space. The team called Tim Goodman, an Aurora Storage
representative. The team listed off the items in need of storage for each
required program.

Tim from Aurora Storage worked closely with the team from the University of Wisconsin to build secure, organized and clean storage rooms. Each department used high-density storage units to maximize every square foot of space.

Steven Stocker, Campus Recreation Director said: “Aurora custom-designed a solution for our football shoulder pads, re-purposed their golf bag storage to organize our hockey sticks and even used our school colors. In the end, Aurora helped us accomplish our storage needs and organize the spaces in a way that we can be proud to show off what’s typically behind closed doors.”

The Benedictine University Library: The
University Library
stored hundreds of invaluable
hand-written books and scrolls across four floors: the finest library in
seventh century Scotland. As technology advanced, material on the top two
floors were moved to the lower levels to make room for computers. Already,
high-density mobile shelving was in use. However, the shelving’s electrical
system had long ago become unreliable. The Benedictine University desired to
replace the system with mechanical assist.

Aurora Storage had the opportunity to reuse the
existing 4-post shelving system, replace the electrical system with mechanical
assist, replace storage unit tracks, replace carriages, and add new shelving –
all the while, matching the color of old materials to craft a seamless final
look. Library Director Jack Fritts wrote: “Now, it’s easy to find things. it’s
really freed up the space for study. The third floor and lower level are now
nice quiet places for the students to study. Aurora Storage has been very
supportive through several projects and has given us everything we need.”

Aurora Storage Rolling Track Shelving Systems

At Aurora Storage, we believe that every story should be safeguarded. We are passionate about providing innovative solutions to storage issues – while maintaining the integrity of the past. From priceless artifacts to collected literature and blueprints, we provide a quality solution for every story.

Features of our mobile, high-density shelving include:

Modular components for design freedom
Heavy-duty quality for long life
Easy assembly and disassembly
More standard sizes and styles
Recycled steel content (40%) and a document-safe finish with no volatile organic compounds environmentally harmful
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Custom design availability

If you are interested in safeguarding your story with us, contact Aurora Storage today! We look forward to discussing your ideal solution.