Preserving Culture Cherokee Nation Durbin Feeling Language Center

Storage Stories

Part 1: The Story


The Cherokee Nation Durbin Feeling Language Center, located in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, is an institution dedicated to the preservation and revitalization of the Cherokee language and culture. In their mission to safeguard tribal artifacts and resources, the Language Center sought storage solutions that would not only provide efficient organization but also honor the Cherokee traditions and beliefs.


aurora storage mobile system with wood-tek end panels and red shelving



Part 2: The Solution


Collaboration between the Cherokee Nation Durbin Feeling Language Center and Aurora Storage Products to preserve and organize tribal artifacts and resources was realized by implementing Aurora’s storage solutions, including the Mobile High Density storage system, 4post Quick-Lok Shelving, mobilized museum archive cabinets and Aurora Wood-Tek shelving. 

The Language Center has enhanced its ability to safeguard and showcase the rich cultural heritage of the Cherokee Nation. This partnership exemplifies the value of integrating modern storage technologies and indigenous beliefs, resulting in an optimized preservation environment and enhanced learning spaces. Aurora Storage Products, a renowned provider of innovative storage solutions, partnered with the Language Center to address their unique requirements. The Mobile High Density storage system was implemented, enabling the Language Center to maximize their storage capacity while maintaining easy access to the artifacts. This system featured Aurora’s 4post Quick-Lok Shelving, known for its durability and flexibility. Additionally, the mobilized museum archive cabinets allowed for secure and efficient retrieval of items. As a testament to the Cherokee Nation’s beliefs, the cabinets were meticulously painted red, symbolizing the tribe’s tradition of warding off evil spirits.

Learning Spaces: Aurora Wood-Tek Shelving


The Language Center not only required effective artifact storage but also sought to create inspiring learning spaces. In collaboration with Aurora Storage Products and their local dealer, Interior Logistics, the Language Center incorporated Aurora Wood-Tek shelving into one of their learning spaces. The Wood-Tek shelving, crafted with the aesthetic appeal of real wood and the durability of steel, provided a visually pleasing environment while maintaining functionality. The collaboration between Aurora Storage Products, Interior Logistics, and the Language Center ensured the seamless integration of the shelving system into the overall interior design.

Indigenous Partnership and Beliefs

By embracing the Cherokee Nation’s cultural traditions and beliefs, Aurora Storage Products demonstrated their commitment to understanding and respecting indigenous communities. The decision to paint the mobilized museum archive cabinets red not only paid homage to the Cherokee’s cultural practices but also fostered a sense of connection and reverence towards the artifacts. The Cherokee Nation Durbin Feeling Language Center greatly appreciated this attention to detail, as it reinforced their cultural identity and the importance of preserving their heritage.


Results and Impact

The partnership between the Cherokee Nation Durbin Feeling Language Center and Aurora Storage Products has yielded significant benefits for both parties. The Language Center now possesses an advanced storage infrastructure that safeguards their artifacts and resources while optimizing space utilization. The Mobile High Density storage system has provided efficient and secure storage, enabling easy retrieval and preservation of the cultural heritage. The incorporation of Aurora Wood-Tek shelving into the learning spaces has enhanced the ambiance and functionality of the environment, fostering an atmosphere conducive to language and cultural education.

Ongoing Support and Service

Aurora Storage Products, in collaboration with Interior Logistics, continues to provide ongoing support and service to the Cherokee Nation Durbin Feeling Language Center. Recognizing the importance of maintaining the storage systems in optimal condition, Aurora offers regular maintenance checks and prompt assistance in case of any issues. The Language Center appreciates this commitment, as it ensures the longevity and sustainability of their storage solutions.



The awe-inspiring collaboration between the Cherokee Nation Durbin Feeling Language Center and Aurora Storage Products stands as a resounding testament to the successful integration of modern storage technologies with indigenous beliefs. This extraordinary partnership encapsulates the harmonious union of cultural preservation and innovative solutions, blazing a trail towards a future where vibrant heritage is safeguarded, celebrated, and perpetuated for generations to come.