Finding the Right Art Storage Cabinet

Are you an art teacher looking for creative art storage solutions? Sometimes, finding enough storage for countless art supplies can feel frustrating when you have a small space to work with.

finding the right art storage cabinets

How can you make the most of your classroom space? In the content below, we discuss storage strategies and help you find the right art storage cabinet by introducing three effective storage solutions for any size classroom.

Which Storage Solutions Are Ineffective in Classrooms?

Anyone who has ever worked in the education field can relate to the challenges of classroom storage and the unique problems it presents. Ideally, school storage should be efficient, well-organized and, most of all, accessible. Therefore, ineffective storage is anything that restricts access to supplies, data or equipment to both students and educators.

facilities require thoughtful space planning for efficient and secure storage.
Storage requirements can range from valuable textbooks, student records, paints
and brushes, to miscellaneous art supplies. Therefore, it is insufficient to
simply install a few shelving units without careful forethought and planning.
As a result, most educational institutions require solutions that go above and
beyond the basics.

are a lot of risks associated with improper art storage methods. Although
nerve-wracking, if you know what to do, you can save monthly costs of dried up
paints by putting together an efficient storage space.

Ineffective Storage Method #1: Lack of Security and Storage Locks

supplies quickly add up in costs when educating upwards of fifty students each
day. Especially when art classrooms are available to students during the day
and when after-school programs are in session, someone can easily access and
take art supplies. Therefore, it is imperative to heighten security for your
expensive equipment, electronics and even confidential student records. Even by
adding and utilizing storage locks, you can greatly increase the security of
your classroom and art supplies.

Ineffective Storage Method #2: Saran Wrap

you know that Saran-wrapping your art for storage can lead to mold? Although
the practice is quick and easy in a busy classroom setting, you risk trapping
humidity inside. As a result, this increases the probability of mold growth and
may damage any of your or your student’s paintings.

Ineffective Storage Method #3: Improper Exposure to the Elements

all know that heat dries up a project and excessive sunlight fades
pigmentation. Therefore, by exposing certain art elements to extreme
temperatures or excessive sunlight, you increase the amount of art supplies
rendered useless once dry, such as paint, clay and glue. As a result, it is
imperative to strategize how you can properly store your classroom and art
supplies to prevent them from drying out or fading in color.

Top Three Classroom Supplies and Art Storage Solutions

Now that we effectively addressed which storage methods prove ineffective and inefficient, we want to address art storage solutions that will benefit any classroom application, either as separate solutions or when used together. Below are three of our most recommended storage solutions for art classroom applications and beyond.

Art Storage Solution #1: Quik-Lok® Shelving

elegant, durable, flexible, and safe. Art supply and classroom storage can
benefit greatly from using this concept. Assembled without tools, braces or
hardware, this American-made product ultimately protects collections stored on
the shelves.

Originally fashioned from steel, Quik-Lok® shelving units are available in more standard sizes, colors and styles than any other brand. Additionally, this storage unit adheres to custom dimensions according to your specified widths and heights. Therefore, this shelving solution provides ultimate flexibility with your art storage.

Art Storage Solution #2: Aurora Modular Lockers

most art classrooms, there is usually one large counter trop or island where
the instructor can demonstrate a craft or project to students. Therefore, it
works twice as efficient if you optimize your storage underneath!

As a
second art storage solution, Modular Lockers provide
convenient individual storage for the classroom. While you can order a single
unit, you also have the option to purchase and combine several units together
in Starter and Adder configurations to create banks of lockers.

These lockers come in five standard heights for individual desk use, counter height and café height for task or collaboration areas.

Art Storage Solution #3: Wire Rack Shelving

laying out completed painting or clay projects to dry, it is crucial to have
adequate storage space to prevent damage. When you have an abundance of
projects that require drying out, having an effective shelving system is
necessary. Therefore, a simple and affordable art storage solution is utilizing
high-quality, wire shelving racks.

for their strength and durability, our wire racks are easy to install and
require only a mallet to put together. Additionally, these sturdy wire rack
systems can effectively handle weight of up to 800lbs., ensuring that it can
support any classroom project.

Use our wire racks to
store various items for schools such as textbooks, craft supplies and aprons,
clay, and student masterpieces. Regardless of what you need to store or where it
needs to go, wire shelves are flexible enough to do the job.

Find the Right Art Storage Cabinets at Aurora Storage®

We want to help find the
solution to your facility’s storage space and organizational dilemmas. At Aurora
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storage space, protect your equipment and create an efficient, organizational

your classroom desperately needs efficient, high-density storage units and art
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