4 Benefits of High-Density Storage

High-density storage, also referred as mobile storage, is a great solution to small spaces that require both heavy-duty and effective storage space.

4 benefits of high density storage

and dysfunctional office spaces or storage rooms can make it difficult for a
company to feel organized and efficient. Additionally, with certain leases and
building rentals, many businesses resort to installing simple yet ineffective
storage systems. What if you found the perfect storage solution for your
application that was both cost-effective and space-saving? In the content
below, we define and discuss four benefits of high-density storage.

What is High-Density Storage?

High-density storage, also referred as mobile storage, is a great solution to small spaces that require both heavy-duty and effective storage space. Different from traditional bookshelves and storage racks, high-density storage not only optimizes every square inch of storage, but it also allows you to move the unit freely and effortlessly. As a result, you can implement a customized storage solution that perfectly adheres to your organizational needs.

4 Benefits of High-Density Storage

the great value in mobile storage allowing effortless portability, we want to
highlight other advantages of this storage solution. Below, we explore the four
greatest benefits of implementing high-density storage systems in your office

#1. Storage with Infinite Applications

Regardless of your industry and storage intent, high-density storage always serves as an effective storage method. From operating as mobile museum cabinets to effectively organizing research libraries, mobile storage systems help in every way. Additionally, you can easily find multiple mobile shelving product categories to find the perfect model for your applications.

shelving’s versatility and custom applications apply to infinite storage
intents. Below are some of the many storing options in which mobile storage
systems work perfectly for.

  • Electronics
  • Maintenance parts
  • Evidence and police property
  • Clothing and athletic equipment
  • Library shelving for books
  • Office supplies (binders, file folders, boxes, writing utensils)
  • Museum items
  • Industrial pallets
  • Healthcare supplies

#2. Storage that Saves Floor Space

aforementioned, rented commercial spaces can quickly feel cramped. Therefore,
managers may feel hesitant to implement storage systems in fear that the office
loses floor space in an attempt to get organized.

However, high-density, mobile shelving units are mounted onto a carriage and rail system that moves back and forth and/or side to side, enabling you to store much more in half the floor space. As a result, when the units are not in use, you can effortlessly move them to the corner of the room. By optimizing every square inch of space, these storage solutions create a minimal footprint while storing large volumes of documents or products.

#3. Storage that Proves Cost Efficient

Especially for rented
office spaces, every square foot is highly valuable. As businesses grow and
onboard additional employees, companies quickly resort to finding larger office
spaces. However, with installing a high-density storage system, you may not
need to move out of your current office just yet. As a result, you could save
hundreds to thousands of dollars each month that would have otherwise been
spent on higher rent or lease agreements.

#4. Storage that Spares Time

In any industry, time is money. One common area people fail to recognize time wasted is looking for supplies and documents. Employees spend nearly 20% of their workday looking for internal information, documentation and supplies. In the event they find their efforts unsuccessful, they locate another colleague to help.

By installing an
effective storage solution, you can easily reduce an employees’ time spent both
searching for information and filing documents. As a result, that 20% of their
day can be allocated to other tasks that boost overall productivity.

High-Density Storage Solutions

With countless storage
systems available, you must consider which model works best for your business
needs and the current layout of your office. In addition to the high-density
mobile shelving systems, we explore three supplementary storage solutions
guaranteed to make a cohesive and effective office space.

#1. Quik-Lok® Shelving

Quik-Lok® shelving is elegant, durable, flexible, and safe. Office storage can benefit greatly from using this concept. Assembled without tools, braces or hardware, this American-made product ultimately protects collections stored on the shelves.

Originally fashioned from steel,
Quik-Lok® shelving units are available in more standard sizes, colors and
styles than any other brand. Additionally, this storage unit adheres to custom
dimensions according to your specified widths and heights. The shelving
solution provides ultimate flexibility with your business needs.

#2. Times-2™ Rotary Cabinets

Unlike ordinary lateral files, this special rotary storage cabinet design takes space planning to a whole new level. Times-2™ rotary cabinets effectively serve as a compact, rotating storage system that offers fast access from either side.

this system provides double the storage capacity for office supplies and other
company products. With efficient storage consuming less floor space, you and
your employees have more room to work!

#3. Wide-Lok™ Span Shelving

When you need to store over-sized
or heavy items and boxes, standard 4-post shelving is simply inadequate.
Additionally, by using lighter gauge shelving to store big, heavy items,
you could risk the weak shelving to defect and potentially damage the
items you intended to store and protect. Often, wide span shelving that
is both heavy duty and efficient is required.

As the perfect solution, the Wide-Lok™ Wide Span shelving concept provides maximum stability and lasting durability. Our specialized line of heavy-duty, wide span 4-post shelving units can sufficiently store and protect items of both greater weight and size.

Find the High-Density Storage Cabinets at Aurora Storage®

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