Guide to Choosing The Right Library Shelving System

Books are gateways to untold realms of knowledge and imagination.

Books are gateways to untold realms of knowledge and imagination. It takes a little of both to select the right way to store them.

A library stores more than books, and with Aurora Storage®, there’s a solution for every story. Library shelving is one of our many specialties. Guiding our clients to find the right storage system for theirs is another. Our designers are well-read and directly work with individual libraries to turn their pitfalls into opportunities. Here is some of what we’ve studied over the years.

library shelving system

A library should feel as calm, comfortable and functional as a home office. At the same time, it should still instill a sense of wonder and welcome to visitors.

The proper storage solution must account for several factors, like floor space, book storage and even living room for guests. With an ever-growing and ever-changing circulation of media to store, library storage shelving has to save space, without sacrificing longevity and aesthetic considerations. Compact shelving optimizes storage space, utilizing specially designed shelving units. Modular shelving is a strong investment, allowing you to add elements or reconfigure them as needed. Our signature MJ line is compatible with casters and cantilevers. This allows users to easily reconfigure their shelving setup. Modular shelving anticipates and facilitates your needs, from meeting social distancing guidelines, to allowing a more optimal, organized experience for guests.

A library might seem calm, but a librarian knows there’s many considerations like the above in play. Because of these ever-shifting needs, library shelving systems should prioritize both the pages and the people. A library storage cabinet should be sturdy enough and ergonomic enough to use by both librarians and guests, utilizing a wide array of accessories to supplement your setup. Display shelving showcases new arrivals and featured material such as periodicals like magazines, or physical media like DVDs.

Sometimes, however, you need a more permanent solution for your library storage. Heavy oversized volumes may call for heavy duty steel shelving, like our MJ 1000 Line. These standalone units with welded frames have low installation costs and eliminate the need for unsightly sway braces.

Another thoughtful shelving solution is high density mobile shelving. Rather than utilize endless file cabinets, this system collapses stacking shelves together on a movable track. Thanks to electronic or manual controls, the mobile storage compacts inward when not in use. This makes high density mobile shelving perfect for research sections or archival wings that may not often be used, but must still be accessed with ease.

You can’t judge a book by its cover: but you can judge a library on its shelving solution. Contact an Aurora Storage representative to turn a new page for your library storage system.