Make the Grade with Times-2™ Rotary Cabinet Storage System

The perfect solution for education storage

You learn something new every day. Like how our Times-2™ Rotary Cabinet is a double-sided locking storage system ideal for school environments. With easy organization, modular accessories, customizable colors, and a space-saving minimal footprint, it’s Aurora Storage®’s Grade A cabinet to pass any test.

rotary cabinet for education

In education, storage is supreme – it should never be an afterthought. We work directly with the architects of schools and universities to design storage that meets their unique needs. But if you have to retrofit an existing facility, our knowledge can help you: from K-12 to college, we have a whole host of solutions in store. From textbooks to technology, from files to fun and games, you can turn this schoolyear around with the Aurora Storage Times-2™ Rotary Cabinet System.

time-2 workstation

Your Best Shot

Nurses’ stations need secure, limited access storage to keep materials out of reach of students. Times-2™ is the cure: and better yet, the storage system can even be color coded for further efficiency (and school spirit).

rotary cabinet for hospital supplies

Note to Shelf

The Times-2™ Rotary Cabinet is an ideal storage solution for music class. Sheet music accumulates quickly and can take up a lot of space – a rotary cabinet keeps you out of treble. Times-2™ can also be a solve for the music makers themselves: instruments are valuable and vary in size, and of course they’re touch and sanitation intensive, so Times-2™ can help you safely conduct class.

music storage

The Kids Are Alright

In the COVID-19 climate, safe storage for personal essentials like lunch bags and coats in classrooms with smaller children is more important than ever. Contamination concerns require that excited little hands stay away from common touchpoints, and the Times-2™ Rotary Cabinet allows teachers and students to stow away belongings safely, with minimal contact with the same surface. Furthermore, the optimized efficiency of the Times-2™ also leaves a larger classroom floor to practice social distancing guidelines.

classroom storage