Whether you’re working out of a cramped office or a larger classroom, storage can be a problem. 

Whether you’re working out of a cramped office or a larger classroom, storage can be a problem. Anyone who’s ever had to store files, school supplies, or even books can relate to the challenge of keeping these items organized and out of the way—but still accessible.

When most people think of storage, they think of file cabinets or disorganized community office shelving, but these traditional storage systems are rarely efficient—especially in a post-COVID world where businesses must take certain precautions to keep employees safe.

Below, we’ll discuss how to pick and choose the right storage solution for whatever your unique needs may be.

Solution #1: Modular Lockers

While the CDC has an entire list of criteria to help determine if a building is safe for people to work out of, one thing they stress is individual storage solutions for workers. This means giving employees the individual office storage to house personal belongings as well as work supplies throughout the day.

Our Aurora Modular Lockers are a great solution to this issue. Despite the name, these modular lockers don’t bear much of a resemblance to school lockers—they’re more adaptable, and can even fit easily at a workstation or cubicle.


Not only does a modular locker make it easy to store personal belongings like purses or coats, but their design is great for social distancing, and they come with plenty of lock options. Depending on what your policy is, we can install anything from a traditional locking lever handle to an electronic keypad.

Solution #2: Quik-Divide PPE Partitions

When it comes to COVID-friendly storage designs, a Quik-Divide PPE Partition has your office covered. This storage solution is especially great if your office has an open layout, with employees working side by side rather than in cubicles. Our partition uses acrylic panels that are easy to transport and setup, but still thick enough to offer all the protection your employees need.

And, for additional safety, we can always add a layer of our anti-microbial Powder Coat to kill harmful pathogens, bacteria, germs, and fungi on contact.

Solution #3: Times-2™ Rotary Cabinets

Say goodbye to cramped filing cabinets, and hello to a more versatile solution like Times-2™ Rotary Cabinets. Rotary cabinets take up less space than a traditional lateral cabinet, but offer more area to store files, paperwork, or other items.

These units are compact and free up more space in individual workstations or even your entire office. And, depending on the size of your workspace, you can customize a Times-2™ Rotary Cabinet to fit your specific needs.

Don’t forget about the extra accessories you can add to one of these cabinets—like a security drawer to store sensitive belongings or a caster kit that turns the cabinet mobile.

Which Solution is Right For Your Office?

As businesses adjust to the New Normal, the time has come to update your storage systems. Not only can the business storage solutions above help you meet new CDC guidelines, but they’ll maximize the space you have, and organize your entire office.

At Aurora Storage, we stand by our motto: there’s a solution to every story. From adjustable shelving and modular lockers to Quick-Divide PPE Partitions, we’ve got a solution to your storage problem.