Keep these 3 things in mind when planning your industrial storage.

Selecting the optimum solution for industrial storage needs will save your organization money, improve efficiency and increase employee happiness.

There are multiple interdependent considerations to be aware of before purchasing specially designed, ready-to-install storage solutions that match the needs of your operation:

  1. What you are storing.
  2. The storage space you have.
  3. Special storage needs.
mobile rack storage

What you are storing

Your selection of the proper storage containers will be determined by what you are storing.

Heavy, oversized, or boxed items require heavy-duty, Wide-Lok™ Wide Span Shelving that won’t collapse under stress.

Wire racks that are easy to clean and allow air circulation work well for canned goods, bulk consumables, health care items, and craft supplies. Wire racks are ideal for restaurants and healthcare organizations.

Items that must be stored securely can be placed in personal modular lockers that are available as individual units or ganged together. Modular lockers come in many configurations suitable for offices, cafés, or counters.

The storage space you have

To determine your needs for space, think about your current inventory and how that inventory may grow over the years. Be sure to allocate sufficient space for future growth. You need a storage system that makes expansion easy.

You also need to consider space to work on the items you have stored. Do employees need tables or counters? Do they need climate control or a sterile environment to work in?

Overcrowded and cluttered working spaces lead to a loss of productivity and decrease employee morale. Here are two creative options for limited spaces that will get you organized, save space, and keep employees happy:

  1. Times-2™ rotary cabinets maximize storage space while giving you more room to work. Place these revolutionary options where lateral solutions don’t fit to efficiently store files, office supplies, binders, DVDs and CDs, and coats and personal items.
  2. High-density mobile shelving moves on a rail and carriage system that enables you to store far more in much less floor space. This solution is ideal for law and corporate offices with limited library space.

Special storage needs

Storing books or files for office workers or in a public area requires shelving that’s strong, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. Wood-Tek™ delivers the strength of steel and the beauty of natural wood.

Foodservice, healthcare workers, and lab personnel may require storage units that are easily cleaned and sterilized. Wire racks may be your best choice to keep these important environments clean.

While museum workers will need climate control for storage rooms, the precious artifacts kept in those rooms must be stored safely and securely, demanding special consideration. Museum storage cabinets are available in multiple configurations to suit the wide variety of items museums store.

Law enforcement needs storage solutions that are secure enough to keep evidence and firearms safe.

Carefully considering what your organization is storing, the storage space available, and any special needs will guarantee the best possible solution for storage problems.

Please contact our team at Aurora Storage if you have any questions or need help with your selection of the right storage solution for your organization.