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Museum directors and curatorial staff often are put to task in the very important job of storing aged museum items and archives safely and securely to ensure that future generations have the opportunity to see and learn about historical, priceless objects.

Depending on the objects being stored, the type of museum storage recommended may differ. Large, irregularly shaped objects such as paleontological samples or taxidermy may need to be housed in a museum storage cabinet with the heavy duty strength to hold the weight at higher capacities. Larger collections may need to be stored in big rooms with high-density mobile shelving systems.

Museum Storage Solutions To Protect The Invaluable

The artwork, artifacts, and specimens that museums collect are priceless and cannot be replaced. Therefore, museums and galleries place a high priority on protecting these priceless possessions. Unfortunately, most museums can only display a portion of their collection due to space restrictions. Out of the millions of pieces, they only exhibit thousands of items. That means that the vast majority of items need to be stored in museums. High-density museum storage is particularly useful for many museums to make the most of limited storage space.

Museums must maintain a balance between protecting their artifacts and making the best use of their storage space. High-density museum storage is essential as a museum expands. Although flat file storage cabinets and portrait and artwork storage racks are common types of museum storage equipment, they are by no means the only options. The sheer number of museum storage options may surprise curators. We at Aurora Storage provide you with the best museum storage solutions, including lockers, cabinets, and shelving units, to keep the artwork safe and secure. They entail keeping out harmful substances like dust and light, as well as curious animals. Light-sensitive artwork and artifacts are best stored in our museum storage cabinets. Call us now to keep your valuables protected.

Who Needs Museum Storage Cabinets?

If you want to organize and safeguard your museum collections from water, light, vermin, and dust, you might need to use our museum storage cabinets. Museum cabinets require significant financial investment and must endure over time. It’s challenging to predict how collections will develop and change over time, so it’s critical to select cabinets with flexibility built in from the beginning.

For both art and natural history museums, we at Aurora Storage provide an entire line of fully customized museum storage cabinets that are ideal. Our storage cabinets are built to last a long time due to their excellent fit and finish; smooth, no-snag welds; close compression seals to keep out dirt and insects; adaptable accessories; and sturdy construction. They provide a range of storage options to accommodate your constantly evolving collection. Whether with additional safety features, full height, and counter height, single or double doors, optional storage racks, and sections, as well as pull-out storage drawers and shelves, you can add to these cabinets. Additionally, we can offer you cabinets that are required for the storage needs of some delicate collections to suit your specific museum needs. Our cabinets are without a doubt the best storage option because they are made to safeguard and preserve your priceless, rare, and delicate museum collections.

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