Military Storage Solutions

No matter what the situation, the military must be prepared. At Aurora Storage®, we’ve been customizing combat-ready storage solutions for over sixty years.

Be it for records and uniforms, or arms and ammunition, we supply custom storage solutions for the special requirements of the U.S. military and government – and help keep the armed forces organized, prepared and combat–ready at all times. Our products are rugged, American-made, and as dependable as you are.

Military armories and training schools house valuable, precision-made weapons, optics, and electronics – equipment that can be worth millions of dollars. The lifeblood of your operation demands to be stored in the best – Aurora Storage.

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Weapons Storage Overview

Flexibility, access and security are vital to maintaining a professional weapons storage system when it comes to our military. Secure storage that can handle multiple styles, sizes, and weights of firearms and ammunition – with space considerations in mind, can be a lifesaver. At Aurora Storage, we offer specialized storage solutions to fit the needs of our military.

Automatic Weapons

Night Vision Goggles

Multiple Storage Solutions

All weapons components are designed to mount in Aurora High-Density Storage. When combined with shelves, drawers, and security doors, these accessories create a storage system that’s the ultimate in versatility. When it comes to storage unit sizes, customized weapons or military storage rooms can maximize productivity and decrease the chances of security breaches and system flaws. Let us secure your agency’s most valuable items, as you keep us secure.

Versatile, Interchangeable Components

Aurora Weapons Storage Accessories are modular and interchangeable, and feature:

Separate stock and barrel holders for long guns
Sloped stock shelves
Handgun brackets, with and without clip compartments

Brackets for mounting weapons and optics horizontally
Steel boxes for ammunition
Plastic tote brackets for general storage

Secure & Smart Lockers For Weaponry, Field-Ready, and Tactical Gear

Officers always prioritize security and quick access, whether weapons are being stored for a short period or a long period. We at Aurora Storage provide weapons storage solutions, including lockers for temporary storage space as well as weapons cabinets with a variety of security features that can hold handguns, shotguns, rifles, and related accessories.

Give your staff and officers the freedom to set up and tailor their military storage to meet their specific requirements. A wide variety of accessories accommodate uniforms, gear, electronics, and weapons. Aurora Storage provides tailored self-storage options to meet the requirements of our armed forces. No matter the size, you can organize and secure all of your items in drawers, shelves, and cabinets with just one setup. We provide infinite configuration possibilities, allowing you to select per compartment rather than just per column. We provide specialized storage options for the military members and government of the United States, supporting their ongoing organizational, planning, and combat readiness needs.


Fort Belvoir

Quantico Marine Corps Base

U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters

Andrews Air Force Base

Langley Air Force Base

Fort Lee

Minot AFB

Barksdale AFB

Lackland AFB

Arkansas Air National Guard

Nellis Air Force Base

Pope Air Force Base

Creech Air Force Base

U.S. Pentagon

Department of Defense

JBSA San Antonio

Army Core of Engineers

Marine Corps Base Hawaii

Edwards AFB


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