Medical Storage Solutions

Medical storage solutions provide secure and easy access to supplies and medical equipment.

A streamlined medical storage area is necessary for day-to-day operations in hospitals and healthcare centers. Medical facilities stock a massive quantity of medications, surgical kits, diagnostic tools, personal care supplies, and protective equipment.

Well-designed and strategic healthcare storage solutions help key areas stay organized, save space, and support staff to improve patient care. The medical storage systems have improved by using storage solutions such as mobile shelving, wire shelving, medical filing systems, museum storage cabinets, and secure storage cabinets.

Efficient and organized medical storage can provide the best patient care and directly impacts the patient experience. The ideal healthcare storage solutions reduce the risk of damaged or lost supplies, keep supplies organized, and support cleanliness.

Storage for Medical Supply Rooms Custom Organization

Wire Shelving

Wire shelving helps to keep the lab supplies and operating rooms organized. Using the ideal storage solution that matches the organization’s needs can maximize the physical space, reduce capital expenditure, and create process improvements for material management staff and nurses.

Wire shelving for medical facilities and hospitals makes the medical supplies readily available and keeps them organized. It condenses the medical supply storage space and increases the storage capacity.

Wire shelving provides multi-purpose storage in hospitals. It allows the ventilation of cool air and combats dust and dirt buildup. Air circulation is necessary for the sterilization of medical storage.

Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving in hospitals and healthcare facilities provides an organized and efficient storage system to maintain massive supplies and records. It provides greater storage capacity in less space. Mobile shelving is essential for high-density file storage. It is ideal for storing medical records and providing easy access to them.

Mobile shelving can help store patient files, medical equipment, and medical supplies. We can take mobile shelving units anywhere with a simple railing system and then lock them for safety. Mobile shelves promote safety, organization, and productivity.

Quik-Lok® Shelving

Quik-Lok® Shelving can be customized according to the requirements of supply rooms. It is highly durable, flexible, and easy to assemble. Quik-Lok® does not require any hardware and tools and is simple to construct. It comes in several sizes, colors, and designs. Quik-Lok® shelving has modular components for design freedom and heavy-duty quality.

Museum Storage Cabinets

Museum storage cabinets are designed to provide the highest protection of the important items they store and save space. These cabinets provide enduring solutions for different industries, including healthcare. Our museum storage cabinets protect the the items they store from dust, light, and water. They help to store important items in a secure and safe system and serves as excellent storage for medical supply rooms.

Features of our museum cabinet storage include water shield, industry-unique compression handles, optional work surfaces, silicone gaskets, and durable powder coat. It is a perfect storage solution for hospital equipment, confidential files, narcotics, and other important items.

Secure Storage Cabinets

Healthcare professionals demand quality storage cabinets to keep the medical equipment and supplies secure and safe. Secure storage cabinets come with double storage capacity and claim less floor space. These are ideal for organizing patient information and securing pharmaceutical solutions. Secure storage cabinets are space-saving and keep the items organized and secure.

Medical Filing System

A medical filing system helps to organize records efficiently and securely. Medical record storage systems deliver outstanding accessibility, durability, and performance. Departments that use medical filing systems and cabinets see improved physical file organization, optimized floor space, reduced access time, and greater security.

File storage systems come with flexible configuration options and can be customizable according to storage needs. Most healthcare facilities organize their health records numerically according to patients’ medical records. Having a proper filing system ensures easy access to these records.

Medical storage solutions provide secure and easy access to supplies and medical equipment. Keep healthcare facilities organized by using these storage solutions and minimize day-to-day challenges. At Aurora Storage, we want to help you build healthcare storage solutions that improve productivity, security, and patient satisfaction. Contact us to get started today.