New Library Products

Introducing the new line of Aurora Library Carts that make restocking books so easy! 

What’s New for Libraries? Good Question!

We all know that Aurora Storage® provides a more space-efficient 4-post shelving solution for libraries than outdated cantilever shelving. The unique design of Aurora Library Shelving uses on average 20% less floor space than cantilever shelving.

Now We’ve Added Significant New Products to Our Line of Library Storage, so Take a Look.

Carts with a steel top
Carts with a laminate top
Carts with a laminate top and laminate sides

Aurora Library Carts

Can We Throw You a Curve?

Curved Shelving

Browse All You Want!

Browse Boxes

What’s on Display?

….anything you want to attract readers. Our Periodical Display Shelves slant at a 10° angle, have a front return and accommodate the latest new books, comic books, periodicals, or small manuals.

Used with 12″ or 24″ L or T Library Uprights for Single and Double Entry configurations, the Periodical Display Shelves come in 30″, 36″, 42″, and 48″ widths.

Periodical Display Shelving