New Library Products

Introducing the new line of Aurora Library Carts that make restocking books so easy! 

What’s New for Libraries? Good Question!

We all know that Aurora Storage® provides a more space-efficient 4-post shelving solution for libraries than outdated cantilever shelving. The unique design of Aurora Library Shelving uses on average 20% less floor space than cantilever shelving.

Now We’ve Added Significant New Products to Our Line of Library Storage, so Take a Look.

We’re on a roll with Aurora Library Carts

Introducing the new line of Aurora Library Carts that make restocking books so easy!

Choose from three styles:

Carts with a steel top
Carts with a laminate top
Carts with a laminate top and laminate sides

All carts feature a hefty 1,000 pound capacity and roll easily on hard surface flooring as well as carpets.

Can We Throw You a Curve?

Specially designed Curved Shelving was manufactured for the library in our hometown of Aurora, Illinois. This shelving matched the playful curves the interior designer used in the children’s library.

Browse All You Want!

Our new Browser Boxes are popular with library patrons from young to old. Simply slide the drawers out to pick and choose music, movies and games.

Browser Boxes are mounted with slides to standard closed shelving uprights (15″ deep) and come with 4 dividers, left and right-hand slides and black rubber mat liner. Available in 30″, 36″, 42″, 48″ widths.

What’s on Display?

….anything you want to attract readers. Our Periodical Display Shelves slant at a 10° angle, have a front return and accommodate the latest new books, comic books, periodicals, or small manuals.

Used with 12″ or 24″ L or T Library Uprights for Single and Double Entry configurations, the Periodical Display Shelves come in 30″, 36″, 42″, and 48″ widths.