Reference Shelf

Create a handy task area for your Aurora Mobile system.

Widths:24″, 30″
Depths:9-7/8″, 11-7-8″

Work surface slides out and retracts when not in use.

Bin Dividers

Bin Dividers are a great addition to schools, clinics and offices for conference and training rooms, or mail sorting areas.

Use bin dividers for industrial and warehousing applications for parts storage.

Store office supplies, binders, paper, coffee service goods, training materials, children’s backpacks and more.

Widths:12″, 18″
Heights:6″, 9″, 12″, 16.5″, 18″

Additional sizes also available

Garment Cabinet

Perfect for personal storage

The locking Garment Cabinet contains a wardrobe opening for hanging coats, sweaters, lab coats or scrubs, and five shelf openings for general storage on mobile.

Doors feature a round contemporary handle that locks.

Media Shelf

Organize CDs, tapes, and small items on the Aurora Media Shelf. Shelf body is slightly inclined to give greater visibility to media spine labels.

Widths:28″, 34″, 40″, 46″
Depths:9″, 16″

Hanging Racks

The Hanging Rack fits neatly between Aurora Shelving Uprights to store small or quick access items.

  • Fabric or furniture samples
  • Small parts
  • CDs and videos
  • Pharmacy prescriptions
Widths:30″, 36″, 42″, 48″

Sloped Shelf

Use the Sloped Shelf for improved access or greater visibility of media as depicted in this mail sorting room. 

The shelf is mounted with a slight decline and has a lip to capture whatever is being stored.

34’W x 12″D

Newspaper Racks

Left and right hand angled brackets hold up to five slotted wooden sticks for newspaper storage.

Ramp and Rail

Aurora Mobile features a specially designed concave carriage wheel that matches the convex curve of our Barrier Free Rail to ensure smooth operation.

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