Aurora is redefining high-capacity mobile storage with the Powered Mobile Storage System.

Powered Mobile is the new way to office, providing efficient, safe, and secure storage with the touch pad convenience of an electric system.

So advanced, yet so simple. One-touch of a keypad opens any Powered Mobile aisle. For security and other functions, a master control panel with menu-driven interface provides simple, touch-screen control.

Powered Mobile has plug-and-play technology which allows fast mistake free installation.

Safety Options

  • Waist High Safety
  • Aisle Entry Safety
  • Carriage Safety

Color Options

Powered Mobile can be ordered in thirty-one beautiful colors in our eco-friendly Gloss-Tek™ powder coat. See Color Selector.

End Panel Options

  • Wood-Tek: Choose end panel, crown molding and shelf faces crafted in Wood-Tek, a hand-finished, furniture quality system that comes in four elegant stains and two species of wood. This exclusive line of wood products can also be color matched to your existing office suite.
  • Laminates: Order two types of laminates, low pressure or standard, for beautiful end panels.
  • Fabrics:  Enhance end panels with luxurious commercial fabrics in a wide array of textures and colors to match your office setting.

1000 Series

The 1000 Series is a hard working, high-capacity mobile system that supports carriage loads of 1,000 lbs. per linear foot.

  • Manual or Mechanical Assist
  • Lengths to 51 feet
  • ADA Compliant
  • Mechanical Safety Sweep
  • Premium Aisle Safety Lock


Condensity Mobile saves time, space, and money.

Condensity is a compact high density mobile system for on-site storage of:

  • Documents and files (Top Tab & End Tab)
  • Binders
  • Small Media
  • Pharmaceuticals/pharmacy
  • Wardrobe

Use Condensity where real estate space is an issue, or where you need to “condense” existing storage like lateral files into smaller footprints.

Condensity’s real economy is for storage of top tab files in drawers or drawers and open shelving combinations. There’s no need for expensive file conversions when Condensity hanging file drawers are used.

Condensity can save from 6% to 24% in overall costs including product, installation, and real estate costs when compared to other mobile products.


If you have a fast-paced environment such as retail, clinic or pharmacy, consider using End-Stor, the quick-access end cap accessory for Aurora Mobile.

Reconfigure adjustable shelves as needed to accept new stock, meds, or patient charts.

24’W x 12″D 30’Wx12″D

Low Profile

Need to use every bit of vertical space for storage?

The Aurora Low Profile has a 4” carriage to meet ceiling height restrictions for sprinkler codes and provides optimal use of vertical space.

  • Carriage capacity loads of 750 lbs per linear ft.
  • Lengths to 24’
  • ADA Compliant
  • Premium Aisle Safety Lock


Aurora Side-to-Side is a great solution for modular, compact storage for small offices.

One row of stationary shelving in back and one or two rows of lateral carriages provide lots of storage in a small footprint.

Widths:36″, 42″, 48″
Height:80″, 92″
Lengths:3 to 7 cartridges

Durable polymer wheels provide quiet and smooth carriage operation.

The deck and rail assembly of the Side-to-Side provide a heavy-duty foundation that can be adjusted for carpet, wood, concrete, or tile floors.

Side-to-Side Anti-Tip

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