The Safe Storage of Weapons

Military storage and law enforcement storage come with their own stringent requirements and we’re here to help you.

Each year in the United States, there are hundreds of accidental gun deaths. While these accidents happen under a range of circumstances, one key way to prevent accidents is with proper weapons storage.

For police and the military, storing guns safely means keeping them out of reach of the public, yet easy to access if necessary.

Our weapon storage cabinets and other storage solutions fit these applications perfectly.

Let’s take a closer look at a few different scenarios and where our products can come into their own.

Armory Storage

Weapons in an armory need to be kept secure, yet ready to be issued at a moment’s notice. This is a fact well-known to both the military and law enforcement.

While your armory may have a gun cage, how do you store your firearms in there? A weapon storage cabinet is the perfect solution.

Our weapon storage locker has space for 10 rifles or 77 handguns. You may mix and match the racks to store multiple types of weapons in one locker. The weapons are kept secure with a lock on the door of the cabinet as well as lockable shelves.

All of the brackets are fitted with neoprene to prevent weapon damage. For the armorer tasked with organizing military gear, our bi-fold weapon racks can’t be beaten.

Storing Evidence

If you’re storing weapons as evidence, security is paramount. You need to be sure that nothing is tampered with. Our Quik-Lok® shelving is the perfect solution.

While this shelving has locks and dependable durability, there is also no need for tools or hardware.

Tell us what kind of shelving you need and we will create the unit for you. If you have specific mobility or security requirements, we can also install law enforcement vertical lift modules on the shelving.

Easy and Secure Access to Ammunition

Safely storing ammunition is a must for both law enforcement and the military. For the ultimate in ease of use, you should store your ammunition in different cabinets, separated by caliber.

Yet no one wants to have to invest in a brand new shelf just for rifle ammunition. This is where our modular lockers come into play.

Our modular lockers can be separated any way that you need, which means you can easily store various kinds of ammunition in their own specific cabinet.

We can fit a variety of different locks on the modular cabinet, which means they can also be used as industrial gun safes.

Our Storage Is Perfect for the Military and Law Enforcement

Military storage and law enforcement storage come with their own stringent requirements and we’re here to help you.

No matter what kind of law enforcement or military storage you’re looking for, we can make it for you. We’ll help you design it, and we’ll build it for you.