Returning Back to School? Excellent Classroom Storage Solutions to Utilize Moving Forward

Whether you’re seeking out classroom bookshelves for your classroom library storage or classroom cabinets for your day-to-day needs, we have the solution.

Throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, educators and students have relied on technology to meet their educational needs. Now, with the development of the vaccine and its distribution underway, many school districts are starting to feel comfortable opening schools back up to students. As an educator or administrator, one of the main focuses is figuring out exactly how you’re going to prepare your classroom for this return.

Whether you’re seeking out classroom bookshelves for your classroom library storage or classroom cabinets for your day-to-day needs, let’s take a look at some excellent classroom storage furniture that would help you get more out of your space!

  1. The Times-2™ Rotary Cabinet

    The problem with traditional classroom storage cabinets is that they offer limited room to educators, making it so that they must get creative in order to get all of their necessary files and materials into their school wall cabinets. The good news? You don’t have to rely on your traditional school storage cabinets as your only method of storage. You can use the Times-2™ Rotary Cabinet instead!

    Unlike normal school cabinets, the Times-2™ Rotary Cabinet is a compact, flexible storage solution that expands your storage space without taking up more room by providing rotating storage that you can access when you need it. Whether you need to store files, binders, office supplies, DVDs and CDs, or other items, the Times-2™ Rotary Cabinet can accomplish far more than your average school classroom cabinets!

  2. Quik-Lok® Shelving

    Getting new storage equipment for the classroom often includes a lengthy assembly process and an abundance of frustration. Skip all of this with Quik-Lok® Shelving! Quik-Lok® Shelving allows you to design and customize your shelves for your classroom storage needs while offering benefits like no braces, hardware, or tools needed to put them together. If you want storage designed for your needs without the hassle, Quik-Lok® Shelving is for you!
  3. High-Density Mobile Shelving

    Most storage solutions take up a significant amount of space, especially when it comes to items like school cabinets and shelvings. Are you in need of greater storage that helps you store more in less space? High-density mobile shelving may be the solution for you! Our high-density mobile shelving solutions increase space by placing shelves on a carriage and rail system so that you can move them forward and back and side-to-side to organize your books, files, and other materials with ease.

No matter what your classroom storage qualms may be, you can see from the above that there are plenty of solutions to help you maximize your storage space without minimizing your classroom space.

Improve Your Classroom Storage Today!

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