Top Trends in Library Space Design

Your library is more than a library. Everyone in your library has a story. Here are some tips to help bring their stories to life.

Your library is more than a library. For the entrepreneur with a big idea, it’s their first office. For the college student preparing for a big test, it’s a second home. For the researcher with a big question, it’s a world of answers. Everyone in your library has a story. Here are some tips to help bring their stories to life in library space design.


Bring your community closer by turning your library into whatever your visitors need. From networking events to origami workshops, customize your space with modular shelving and storage on rolling casters.


Design spaces that facilitate open dialogue, inspire ideas and encourage participation. Reimagine the role of your library as an incubator, makerspace, huddle room, and so much more.

Library space design


Create spaces for silent contemplation. In a world where we are constantly bombarded with information, entertainment and social interaction, people are increasingly seeking individual spaces, free of distractions.

Library space design


Equip your library with a bank of computers and electrical outlets in convenient locations to support the work-from-anywhere generation that’s breaking free from the confines of the traditional office space.


Install solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems. Create environments that have natural light and outdoor views – or outdoor green spaces. People are more likely to spend time in places that are in-tune with their values.


Liven your library with a pop of color and art. Choose elegant, contemporary colors to match current décor trends and create spaces that people can interpret and make their own.

Library space design

The Aurora Design Department will work with your team to create a customized storage solution taking into consideration growth requirements, accessibility, aesthetics, budget and all the latest library trends. No matter what you need, Aurora Storage® has a solution for every story. Click here for more information on library storage solutions.