How to Properly Incorporate Movable Library Shelving

Libraries are unique repositories of stories, history and irreplaceable written records. In this post, we explore how to properly incorporate movable library shelving into your library.

Libraries are unique repositories of stories, history and irreplaceable written records. Libraries carry an extensive variety of items, including modern media such as movies, music and video games. Over-sized books, board games, multilingual collections, and magazines fill the shelves.

With vast multimedia collections filling libraries to the brim, innovative shelving solutions are a requirement. Versatile, sturdy and beautiful displays are a mainstay. Movable library shelving is one such innovative solution. In the content below, we explore how to properly incorporate movable library shelving into your library, beginning with a thorough explanation of the movable shelving system.

What is Movable Library Shelving?

Movable shelving is an ideal solution for libraries requiring efficiency of space – a nearly universal necessity. Overcrowded, disjointed spaces present safety challenges, confusion and frustration for browsers and employees while both struggle to find items. Using space efficiently is crucial in decentralized libraries within a university, in the challenges of space facing the majority of public libraries or within the constraints of a small office.

Movable library shelving allows for increased storage capacity and decreased wasted space. With movable library shelving, one can store more books in less space, freeing floor space for other valuable activities. Furthermore, movable library shelving can be built according to a specific library’s requirements. For example, the needs of a Kindergarten library will differ from those of a law office, and movable library shelving is malleable to meet these needs.

How does movable shelving operate?

Movable units are mounted onto a carriage and rail system that shifts back and forth or side to side. The range of motion allows for increased storage, reduced floor space, and maintained ease of access.

How Can You Properly Incorporate Movable Library Shelving?  

Determine What Shelving is Required

What shelving does your library require? If you store movies, video games, CDs, audiobooks, and other modern media, choose shelving designed to host these items. Oversized books and magazines require shelving of their own. Similarly, shelves are individually designed for files, board games, puzzles, children’s books, etc. Before taking the next step, determine the specific shelves you will require.

Choose the Proper Category

Selecting the proper shelving category is the next step in a smooth, proper incorporation of movable library shelving. Five shelving categories are readily available.

Powered Movable Shelving System: Powered Movable Systems are concurrently advanced and simple. A single touch of a keypad opens Powered Movable aisles. Plug-and-play technology allows for simple, quick installation. The Powered Movable is excellent for efficient, safe, and secure storage requirements, with the added convenience of an electric system.

1000 Series

The 1000 Series is aptly named – intended for heavy duty application, the system can carry up to 1,000 lbs. per linear foot.


A compact, high-density movable system is perfect for binders, documents, files, and small media. Once more, the name says it all: Condensity Shelving Systems are perfect for condensing existing storage, like files or binders, into smaller footprints. In fact, the system can save from 6% to 24% in overall costs, from product to real estate prices.

Low Profile

Excellent for meeting ceiling height restrictions for sprinkler codes, Low Profile uses every available bit of vertical space.


Side-to-Side shelving systems are perfect for modular, compact spaces, such as in an office library. One row of stationary shelving and one or two rows of lateral carriages provide extraordinary storage space in a small footprint.

Choose the Proper Colors

Choosing the ideal coloring for your shelves plays a significant role in incorporating a movable library shelving system into your space. Movable shelving systems are malleable in style and aesthetic. A variety of colors fit to compliment your existing space are available for the seamless incorporation of equipment.

What Does Properly Incorporated Shelving Look Like?

The Benedictine University Library is one remarkable example of properly incorporated movable shelving, designed and implemented to promote efficiency and protect valuable literature.

The monks at Benedictine University realized the current shelving system needed renovation as the needs of students changed. However, choosing the best system was no small task. The Benedictine University Library spread hundreds upon hundreds of books across four floors. To better use the space, the University determined that books should be entirely moved to the lower levels. The two upper floors were then converted to computer access, research and study areas for the students. Although a movable shelving system was already in place, the electrical system was long useless. The University required an update in the midst of organizational changes.

Benedictine University contacted Aurora Storage® for guidance on special efficiency. Together, Aurora Storage and Benedictine decided that moving the usable parts of the existing movable shelves and merging them into a single system in the lower levels was step one. Aurora replaced the electronics, unit tracks and carriages and added new shelving. Taking careful note of the color, Aurora matched the new shelving with existing colors to produce a final, seamless aesthetic. Jack Fritts, University Library Director, wrote: “Now, it’s easy to find things. It’s really freed up the space for study. The third floor and lower level are now nice quiet places for the students to study. Aurora Storage has been very supportive through several projects and has given us everything we need.”

Aurora Storage: Innovative Storage Solutions

Aurora Storage is dedicated to providing an innovative solution to every story. The Benedictine University Library is one example of many – our team seeks to preserve priceless stories in many industries, with many storage solutions.

Aurora Storage movable library shelving units are built with modular components for design freedom – with an expert team poised to provide custom design assistance. Each system is heavy-duty, built with long life in mind. Created with nearly 40% recycled steel content and a document-safe finish, Aurora Storage always delivers shelving without volatile organic compounds harmful to the environment. If you are interested in learning more about our shelving solutions, please contact us today!