The Benefits of Industrial High-Density Mobile Shelving

In a warehouse environment, the most priceless commodity is valuable space, and in the end it's not just your goods but your ground that counts.

Across the industrial sector, money is being left on the factory floor. In a warehouse environment, the most priceless commodity is valuable space, and in the end it’s not just your goods but your ground that counts.

With the sheer volume of materials to manufacture, deliver or store in the meantime, many industrial warehouses are starved for capacity. As such, every storage solution ultimately comes down to how effectively you utilize your layout and save valuable space.

At Aurora Storage®, we deploy our decades of experience to store more, in less space. We have a solution for every story, but most of those stories have a similar ending: the more you can efficiently store in bulk, the better your bottom line. Depending on the type of applications you need, we’re here to guide you to the right shelving systems for you.

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We’ve seen racks upon racks of pallets that waste premium floor space. It’s why Aurora Storage specializes in high density mobile shelving. Traditional stationary shelving systems have their utility, but a high-density storage system can truly optimize your potential space.

Industrial mobile shelving lets you multiply your storage space by 50%, while minimizing your footprint. A mobilized storage system is more dynamic, in that it automatically doubles your potential storage space. Mobile shelving also simplifies the inventory picking process, boosting productivity and streamlining factory workflow.

That’s why we developed Aurora MobileRAK™, the optimal solution for your industrial storage. This revolutionary mobile shelving system streamlines shelves for more efficient use of space. Collapsible shelves allow you to reduce to one aisle at a time for unparalleled space, storage and security.

Optimized space is meaningless without easy access, so with MobileRAK™, all shelving stacks neatly next to one another. When you need to check, add or retrieve inventory, MobileRAK™ expands, with ample width for forklift operation or on-foot access. Modes of operation are manual or electric for heavy duty scenarios, with built in safety features and emergency stops.

Perhaps your space calls for a more compact, custom solution. We carry more conventional industrial shelving units, but they are anything but ordinary. One such solution from Aurora Storage is our signature Quik-Lok® Shelving. The completely custom product is specifically designed for easy assembly and disassembly, with almost no tools required.

The modular components make for fully adjustable configurations, and it comes backed with a limited lifetime warranty. Quik-Lok® is quite useful for library shelving, but boxes, records and inventory are equally ideal. 40% recycled steel, and a wide range of unique powder coat finishes, with no harmful VOCs.

We also account for oversized items. The steadfast design of our Wide-Lok™ Wide Span Shelving Racks grants you more storage capacity, with heavy duty security. This shelving unit combines stability with durability for a cost effective, impactful series of industrial storage racks. Standard 4-post shelving will not suffice for the heaviest products, causing shelving to collapse and even potentially harm the product, so Wide-Lok™’s reinforced design is built to handle heavy loads. It comes in a variety of weight capacities, and can even be converted into mobile shelving with ease.

A well-planned solution can secure inventory, save space and dramatically reduce your footprint without sacrificing capacity. Contact us for some shelf help.