SAVING SPACE: Finding the Right Storage Solution For You

Space is the ultimate commodity, and that’s especially true in an industrial setting.

Warehouse Storage System

There’s a story behind everything you store – and each and every one of those is a space story. Space is the ultimate commodity, and that’s especially true in an industrial setting. With the sheer volume of materials to manufacture, deliver, or store, many warehouses are starved for capacity. Remember that old factoid “you only use 10% of your brain?” Most people don’t use the full extent of their storage capacity, because they don’t realize it’s there.

You’ve got a massive output: we’re here to help you create the right storage solution to maximize it.

Industrial Shelving System

Quik-Lok® is one of our signature shelving solutions, allowing you to create your own widths and heights for your space. The completely custom design minimizes your footprint, meaning true flexibility that’s as easy to use as it is to assemble. With 40% recycled steel, it’s a popular choice for industrial and food service settings.

Maybe you need wide-span shelving racks for heavy duty items like mechanical and automotive parts, retail goods, or restaurant inventory. For your bigger stock, your standard shelving just won’t cut it – lighter gauge shelves can even buckle and damage your inventory. The Wide-Lok™ Wide Span Shelving melds stability and durability for a lasting, secure solution.

Industrial Mobile Storage

You can further streamline your storage with Aurora MobileRAK™, the optimal solution for your industrial storage. MobileRAK™ can free up 50% more floor space than a typical setup – its uniquely moveable design allows you to reduce to one aisle at a time for unparalleled space, storage, and security. We offer both manual & electric operations available to make moving heavy-duty items a breeze!

Industrial Mobile Storage Solution

As a finishing touch, each of our products come in contemporary powder coated colors, with no harmful VOCs – each storage solution made in the USA. There are so many choices: we’ll always guide you to the right solution.